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QAim Ltd Releases CEM4Mobile for Operators

BARCELONA February 15, 2011

– Remarkable Mobile Analytics Product Extended to Cover Mobile Network Traffic


CEM4Mobile as a solution

CEM4Mobile is an innovative mobile analytics product with strong focus on Customer Experience Management. The offering has been particularly designed for companies providing mobile content and Value Added Services (VAS) across all of the industry’s verticals enabling them to measure and analyze interactions between end-users and mobile services, optimize their business and ensure successful customer relations. CEM4Mobile supports browsing, application and streaming-based mobile services while the following application types gain instant benefits:

     - news & information services in the form of directory services, news,       travel, life, dating, and sport      - mobile entertainment services including music, audio-video streaming &       images and mobile gaming      - mobile marketing solutions in its various formats (Mobile TV, video,       MMS, games, etc.)      - monetary gaming such as gambling, betting and lotteries      - financial services such as mobile banking, micro payments, stock market       and trading      - mobile shopping and auctions (e.g. m-booking, m-brokering, m-ticketing)      - communication in its various formats (community services, instant       messaging, multimedia messaging, mobile TV)  

CEM4Mobile seeks to provide users with a complete picture which enables our customers to understand mobile users’ behavior, handset capabilities, location, values and opinions as well as market trends.

Operator’s business case

The worldwide mobile industry is competing furiously to provide innovative VAS to customers at a time when internet brands are rapidly expanding their focus and services to mobile devices. The potential of facilitating mobile users via VAS in their daily life is enormous. The full potential of these services remains untapped.

Whereas mobile operators were once able to control the customer experience via operator decks, the advent of "vendor agnostic" application stores and readily-available navigation tools signified the advent of an industry-wide game-changer. Suddenly operators were left with a general understanding of the data travelling back and forth on their network without the context needed to understand the content service usage, device combinations, subscriber behavior patterns and the customer insights necessary to driving optimal business decisions.

CEM4Mobile for Operators supports direct network and BSS integration providing business critical insight to third-party mobile content service usage in addition to the operator’s own services. The analysis extends to use patterns, service ranking, market trends and particularly how different device and user demographic combinations impact behavior.

Business Benefits

The benefits for mobile operators are versatile but can be concisely summarized as follows:

Managing the diversity – Instead of simply reacting to a constantly changing business environment, managing the customer base proactively will result in the elimination of bad experiences on incompatible devices, a higher customer retention ratio, lower customer care costs and will also help drive new revenue streams.

Business development – Integration with subscribers’ demographic and location data enables marketers to collect and link device, subscriber and service usage information through a single point of access. This insight can be used to support the development of price plans, content-handset bundles, handset subsidies and promotions.

Reduced cost of customer support – Providing customer support for the multitude of devices, operating systems and applications is driving customer care costs up sharply. Because of the wide supply of competing services and applications, regaining the business of a lost subscriber is increasingly difficult as well as expensive.

Perceived quality – The kind of top-down, measured network quality provided by traditional Network Management Systems will only give a partial view of the end user experience as it fails to take into consideration network independent factors, such as the device or content type being used. Also, from the end user’s point of view, perceived quality is not the same as measured quality. Perceived quality is only obtainable by asking the user directly.

Lower churn – A good CEM solution will enable real-time monitoring of one or more services, regardless of – but considering – the type of device in use. This enables proactive quality improvement and elimination of end-user problems before they reach larger numbers.

Geographical reach – Operating in a global market makes it essential to be able to manage services in different markets on these markets’ specific terms and conditions.

ROI – In order to effectively manage the quality of mobile services and applications all the way from the source to the end-user, one must first know the present state of service quality and prevailing mobile trends in order to set the direction for future improvements and for securing optimal ROI from investments.

     Study by Kwantic Oy:

QAim Oy

     More information about QAim Ltd and the CEM4Mobile solution can be     requested at:      MWC Barcelona, stand 4.1HS01     QAim Ltd     Kappelitie 6 A     02200 Espoo, Finland     [email protected]     tel: +358(0)9-689-884-88  

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