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QNAP Announces Availability of New NAS Management Software, V3.6, Featuring VPN, LDAP, and Proxy Servers, and Cloud Photo and Music Sharing Capability

"The new business-class features have received really positive feedback from beta users," said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP. The VPN Server offers businesses a cost-saving way to create a secure private network with up to 256-bit encryption. The LDAP Server simplifies mass account management and reduces business' IT hardware expenditure. The Proxy Server provided together with the "Squid" QPKG provides IT administrators with a great solution to manage network loading, whilst maintaining network security.

"We have also strived to simplify the process of sharing photos and music over the Internet and made it easier to install 'add-ons' onto the Turbo NAS," added Hsu. The brand new Music Station turns the Turbo NAS into a 'cloud music center' capable of hosting terabytes of songs and the Photo Station makes online photo sharing simple and fun. The QPKG Center significantly simplifies QPKG installation and management.

The V3.6 NAS management software also includes several backup enhancements for RTRR and rsync backup, and third-party cloud backup, as well as introducing the new NetBak Replicator 4.

The full list of new and enhanced features of the V3.6 NAS management software is as follows:
VPN Server: A cost-saving way to create a secure and private network;
LDAP Server: Simplifies mass account management and reduces business' IT hardware expenditure;
Proxy Server (Squid QPKG): Provides the IT administrator with a great solution to manage network loading, whilst maintaining network security;
Bandwidth control for RTRR and rsync backup: Provides flexibility for IT administrators to manage business bandwidth use;
New NetBak Replicator 4: Adds email notifications;
Symform® cloud storage backup: Offers up to 200 GB of free cloud storage space;
Music Station: A web-based cloud music center with terabytes of songs;
Photo Station: A web-based online photo sharing center that makes photo sharing simple and fun;
QPKG Center: Simplifies QPKG installation and management;
MyCloudNAS 1.2: Enables email notifications giving invited friends and family members guidance on how to access the Turbo NAS remotely;
MyCloudNAS Connect: A Windows-based application that allows friends and family to easily connect to the Turbo NAS and manage files remotely with 128-bit encryption;
Web File Manager cloud sharing: Web File Manger now provides a quick way to share files with a public link or via email that does not require login;
Storage Plug & Play: a new feature in QNAP Finder that provides a fast way to create shared folders and iSCSI target/LUN, and then map network drives or connect to an iSCSI target and LUN for storage expansion;
Newly Support for TS-x79 series: Multimedia Station, Photo Station, Music Station, UPnP Media Server, and iTunes Server.

The new V3.6 NAS management software is available immediately for the following QNAP Turbo NAS models:
TS-EC1279U-RP, TS-1279U-RP, TS-879U-RP, TS-1079 Pro, TS-879 Pro, TS-809U-RP, TS-859U-RP+, TS-859U-RP, TS-859 Pro+, TS-859 Pro, TS-809 Pro, TS-659 Pro+, TS-659 Pro II, TS-659 Pro, TS-639 Pro, TS-559 Pro+, TS-559 Pro II, TS-559 Pro, TS-509 Pro, TS-459U-RP+/SP+, TS-459U-RP/SP, TS-459 Pro+, TS-459 Pro II, TS-459 Pro, TS-439U-RP/ TS-439U-SP, TS-439 Pro II+, TS-439 Pro II, TS-439 Pro, TS-419U+, TS-419U, TS-419P II, TS-419P+, TS-419P, TS-412U, TS-412, TS-410U, TS-410, TS-259 Pro+, TS-259 Pro, TS-239 Pro II+, TS-239 Pro II, TS-239 Pro, TS-219P II, TS-219P+, TS-219P, TS-219, TS-212, TS-210, TS-119P II, TS-119P+, TS-119, TS-112, TS-110, SS-839 Pro, SS-439 Pro.

Newly supported IP cameras:
ACTi: ACM-1231/ 1232, ACM-4200/ 4201, ACM-5601/ 5611, ACM-8201/ 8211, ACM-8511, TCM-4301;
AXIS: 214 PTZ/ 215 PTZ(-E), 241S, M1054, M5013, M5014;
Brickcom: CB-100Ae, CB-100Ap, CB-102Ap, FB-100Ae, FB-100Ap, FB-130Ap, FB-300Ap, FD-100Ae, FD-100Ap, FD-130Ae, FD-130Ap, MD-100Ap, OB-100Ap, OSD-040D/E, PZ-040D/E, VD-100Ap, VD-130Ae, VD-130Ap, WCB-100AP, WFB-100Ae, WFB-100Ap;
D-Link: DCS-942L;
iPUX: ICS-2230;
LevelOne: FCS-3061;
Linksys: WVC54GCA;
Panasonic: BB-HCM705, BB-HCM715/ 735, BL-C1, BL-C10, BL-C20, BL-C30(K1), BL-C131, BB-HCM371, BB-HCM311, BB-HCM331, BB-HCM381, BB-HCM403;
Toshiba: IK-WB21A;
VIVOTEK: FD7131, IP7131/ 7132, IP7133/ 7134, IP7135/ 7137, PT7135/ 7137, IP7138/ 7139, IP7142, PZ7151/ 7152, IP7160/ 7161, IP7361, MD7530, MD7560, SD8111/SD8121 FD8133, FD8134, IP8151, IP8161, FD8161, IP8162, IP8330, FD8361, FD8362, IP8362.

The NetBak Replicator 4 will officially replace QBack with immediate effect.

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