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Remington Capital Radio Teaches Affiliate Partners How to Get CEOs to Return Voicemail Messages

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Jan. 26, 2011

Tony Parinello Remington Capital Radio

Andy Bogdanoff Remington Capital Radio

Speaking of every sales person’s voicemail challenge, Parinello said, "You’ve got about eight seconds to capture the attention of your customer’s top guy with your voice message, and that’s a dreadfully long time if you’re saying all the wrong stuff."

Parinello went on to say, "Those who go out to acquire business must have the skills, tactics, methodologies and thought process needed to reach by phone the customer’s Very Important Top Officer.  I call him Vito," Parinello said. "Vito is the one with the ultimate veto power."

Parinello explained that phone messages must be carefully prepared in advance. "They must be clear, succinct and perfectly targeted so that whoever answers the phone knows there is a reason and a time to call back."

The first rule in creating a winning eight-second sales message, Parinello said, is "to treat whoever picks up the phone as if it were the CEO." Parinello then explained the five statements that must be made within eight seconds to ensure the best chance of a returned call:

  • You must immediately repeat the name of whoever answers the phone.
  • You must then offer a brief pleasantry, such as, "Thanks for taking my call."
  • You must then say why you are calling – that you can solve the customer’s immediate problem (e.g., obtain financing), while at the same helping the customer avoid some serious risk (e.g., loss of investment, bankruptcy or foreclosure).
  • Only then should you identify yourself and your company.
  • You must then ask who to continue to talk with and set the timeframe for doing it.

Tony Parinello

Remington Capital Radio

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