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Reportlinker Adds Fiber Optic Connectors: Global Markets

NEW YORK Jan. 25, 2011

Fiber Optic Connectors: Global Markets

$1.9 billion $1.9 billion $3.1 billion

$1.9 billion $2.9 billion

$79.5 million $147.3 million



This study analyzes the status of the global market for fiber optic connectors. Fiber optic connectors are found in any application using optical fiber to transmit signal. The primary market for fiber optic connectors is the optical networks built for telecommunications. Fiber optic connectors are a critical component in optical networks, enabling the optical signal to be transmitted or retrieved from the glass optical fiber. Only networks of glass optical fiber are considered in this study.

Growth in the fiber optic connector market is linked directly to the expansion of fiber optic networks in the world. Other applications for fiber optics include medical, military, and industrial applications. This report considers market conditions and opportunities in regional areas around the globe. 

This report provides a standard 5-year planning cycle and global value estimates through 2016. It defines products segments for fiber optic connector technology categories, analyzes technology options, and determines current application markets, as well as likely future opportunities. Additionally, this report defines and graphically analyzes these fiber optic connector markets from many perspectives and categorizes and profiles the companies involved.

The world’s economic system is dependent upon its ability to communicate and transmit both voice and data information. Networks of optical fiber span continents and circle the globe making this communication possible. The rapid expansion in use of the Internet drives the broader optical market, including fiber optic connectors.

This BCC study reviews and reveals major market trends and provides a snapshot of the present, along with predictions for the future of fiber optic connector markets and technologies. 


Fiber optic connectors are an enabling, value-adding technology. Optical fibers of ever-lower signal attenuation continue to be developed, but the limiting factor for fiber deployment remains the labor involved in building the optical network. A large amount of specialized labor is required to successfully get the signal out of the fiber and into an optical device with minimal signal degradation. Fiber optic connectors perform this critical function. Looking at the status of the market for fiber optic connectors is one way to gauge the growth of applications for optical fiber.  


This report covers, with a critical eye, the fiber optic connector marketplace. It focuses particularly on the markets and opportunities for fiber optic connectors in optical networking, industrial, military, sensors, and medical markets.

2010 U.S. dollars


Fiber optic connectors are deployed at the ends of optical fiber. To determine market size and breadth, this report considers optical fiber and the application markets where it is deployed.  


Network system integrators will use this report to assess the status of the fiber optic connector market to identify suppliers and systems integrators and produce forecasts of the future markets. Market managers will be able to assess the competition and identify customers and new suppliers for components. Management consultants will determine whether companies divest or invest in fiber optic technology based in part on the market projections, competitive strengths, and development issues revealed in this report.

Equipment managers will develop or modify existing products to address the fiber optic technology manufacturing concerns emphasized in this report. Material suppliers will identify market opportunities and new customers based on the study’s projected growth in applications. Venture-capital managers will identify targets for investment, merger, or acquisition based on companies identified and described in this report. Strategic planners will identify other companies with critical strains to strategically partner with so they can share in the overall fiber optic technology growth as projected in this report. 


Materials and data presented in this report were obtained from telephone interviews with personnel at the major companies profiled, as well as from catalogs, the Internet, and the literature search of current articles related to fiber optic connector technology. 


Lori Weisenbach University of Arizona

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