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Reportlinker Adds IMS 2010 Report: Critical Success Factors

NEW YORK Jan. 27, 2011

IMS 2010 Report: Critical Success Factors

IMS (The IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the cornerstone technology for next generation networks. It offers a robust infrastructure for developing and deploying multiple network services and data from a common core across different access networks and for evolving from circuit-switched networks towards all IP networks. IMS remains the technology of choice for fixed and hybrid operators whose legacy network resources are near or full depreciation.

Over the last few years, IMS was relegated to fringes of operator strategies. Operators often overlooked IMS in favour of investments in other areas of the network such as radio, supporting services and applications. It was not until LTE become the technology of choice for 4G, that IMS started witnessing a fresh wave of interest from players in the wireless value chain. IMS is now on the path to become a successful commercial packet core technology.

You should read the IMS report if you work within these sectors:

• Mobile core


• Mobile VOIP

• Fixed mobile convergence

• All IP Networks

• Next Generation Networks

• One Voice Initiative

• Rich communication Suite

Although, there are positive growth pointers, not all mobile operators are on board IMS bandwagon. Some believe that it is too complex to deploy, while others believe that business case in favour of IMS cannot be generated due to costs involved.

Given the current market dynamics surrounding IMS, it is paramount for operators and vendors to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the technology itself and for their firm to compete in this highly fragmented market in the next five years. The knowledge of the CSF will help them to gain a superior competitive advantage.

Along with identifying the CSF for IMS, the report also summarises the key stakeholders and how the IMS industry is shaping up beyond 2010. Further, it offers clear and concise view to operators and vendors on all the latest developments in IMS arena.

What key questions does this report answer?

• What are the Critical success factors for IMS?

• What is the business case for IMS?

• What are the operator strategies for IMS deployment?

• Who are the key operators pursuing IMS?

• Who are the top IMS vendors and what are their strategies in the gaining competitive advantage?

• How will the IMS market evolve beyond 2015?

• What will be the impact of IMS on the wireless value chain?

• What are the key applications that can offer return on investment from IMS?

The report is aimed at executives who want to gain an overview of IMS market, its potential and information about key players and their strategies in the IMS value chain.

The following players must critically look at IMS in order to revive their lifecycle stage:

• Cable operators

• CDMA wireless providers

• Internet service providers

• Traditional telephony providers

• WCDMA/GSM cellular operator

• Greenfield operators; and

• VOIP operators.

Who should read this report?

• Operators: to make informed decisions about vendors and IMS market. Operators can also use this document as a training guide and checklist to identify issues, solutions and implementation methods.

• Vendors can analyse the current issues facing operators in the IMS domain and gain an insight into other vendors’ strategies and compare various solutions on the market. The report helps vendors to identify the operator strategies in the IMS domain.

• Application Developers can understand the market dynamics of IMS and evaluate whether to invest in building IMS/SIP based applications.

• Greenfield operators can understand how to capitalise on IMS architecture and gain competitive advantage over established players.

• Investors can understand the IMS technology and market, its value chain and future potential. This report will help them evaluate the investment opportunities in the emerging IMS domain.

• The report also acts as guide for the complementary product providers for IMS such as the test equipment manufacturers, the BSS/OSS suppliers, the billing and charging suppliers, the SDP vendors and the handset manufacturers who can formulate emergent strategies to win market share as the IMS market picks up further.

Visiongain believes new business and revenue models are emerging as increasing number of operators begin to deploy IMS. This timely report summarises the key stakeholders and how the IMS industry is shaping up beyond 2010. Offering clear and concise view to operators and vendors on all the latest developments in IMS arena. The report provides an independent and unbiased review on IMS which is a must read for everyone interested in IMS technology. Order your copy today.

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