Latest News Responds to "Review Response" Advice, Offers Guidance to Business Owners

According to USA Today, online review sites are increasingly potent in their impact to small, local businesses. "In our increasingly mobile and social world, reviews posted to Yelp, TripAdvisor and other sites can have a tremendous impact on local businesses," the article says. What is more, the article makes clear that, while some of these reviews are legitimate, bad reviews can happen to any company, and for any reason. "When you’re the victim of poor service or a bad product, it’s all too easy to fire up the Web browser and start pounding the keyboard in a fit of rage," notes USA Today. has responded to the article with a press statement of its own. In the statement, company CEO Cliff Stein says that the article’s assessment of online reviews and their impact to small businesses is absolutely correct. "The article is accurate in its description of online review sites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, as highly relevant to small business owners," Stein confirms. "The article is also right to state that a bad review can happen for any reason–even something that is outside the small business owner’s control. Whether the review is fair or not is beside the point, however; if a negative review is out there, it’s bad news for the business, period."

When it comes to responding to bad reviews, Stein says business owners must exercise discernment. "Hopefully, small business owners will receive some positive reviews, and it’s always a great idea to promptly respond to these, with gratitude and sincerity," he says. "The same is true even of constructive feedback. Showing customers that you care what they have to say can go a long way toward shoring up online credibility."

Not all reviews are constructive, Stein says. "Many negative reviews are simply unreasonable. They come from a client who simply cannot be pleased, or perhaps they single out something that is beyond the small business owner’s control," Stein explains. He notes that his company,, has previously worked with hotels that received bad reviews on the basis of external street noise, or roadside construction. "Sometimes, these negative reviews are simply absurd, but they can still do damage," Stein says.

Responding to these negative reviews is not always prudent, Stein continues. "Responding to a negative, unreasonable review ultimately lends it traction in Google’s rankings–which means more people will see it," notes Stein. "That’s the very last thing a small business owner wants."

Rather than respond to a bad review, Stein says small business owners can seek to suppress it. "That’s where a company like comes into play," concludes Stein. "Review suppression is what we do at, all day every day. We can help small business owners bury negative reviews under an avalanche of positive content, and ultimately establish the small business as a brand of choice among consumers."

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