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Review on Higosoft Web Player Premium3.0.1

Higosoft Web Player Premium is the peak version of web player. Compare with the basic version, it has added new functions enabling users to customize the flash video in wider options the premium has no water mark and logo on it so it is much more convenient for users to add Ads.
We all know another way to share our video online that is through sharing website.

Here is the comparison between Higosoft Web Player and third-party website readers’ reference:
The advantages of Higosoft Web Player
First, the various options for editing video
The Higosoft Web Player provides much more choice on the style of video edition. Users can set properties, add-ons and player skin etc., while the third-party websites have limited the options for choosing.

Second, can add the Ads
The Higosoft Web Player can add Ads such as text, images and links to WebPages to promote the website or certain services. By contrast, the third-party website, in order to keep the Ads on videos is about themselves, they prohibit users to add Ads.

Third, snapshot function
The Web Player is able to take snapshot from video. The picture can be save as jpg,bmp,png and also use it as playlist thumbnails.

The advantages of the third-party website
Share the video on website easier than Higosoft web player
Making a video on third –party website, users just have to add the link when sharing the video on other website. The Higosoft Web Player can also share the video by link. But it needs one more step that is generating a file to share the video.
From the comparison, it is easy to figure out that the Higosoft Web Player is much continent for users to publish videos online.

Considering all elements of the software, it is meet the needs of users. It can add Ads for users and share video on the website. With only $49.95, users can get the spread the Ads over the world on the internet. All in all, if we want a professional effect and ads ads we can choose Higosoft web player; if we just for entertainment he sharing website is also a good choice.

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