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Revolutionary iHeater Offsets 2009 Winter Heating Bills

(1888PressRelease) Weather forecasters are predicting a particularly harsh winter this year. As the weather gets colder, you can expect your home heating bills to skyrocket. Indianapolis, IN – A sharp rise in home heating bills is expected for the 2009-2010 winter season, as weather forecasters are predicting a particularly harsh winter for most of the Unites States. Below-average temperatures are expected for three-quarters of the country, with especially frigid conditions anticipated for the… Upper Midwest/Great Lakes, Central Plains, and Middle Atlantic states. To offset the skyrocketing cost of winter heating bills, many Americans have discovered the iHeater, the most technically advanced infrared heating system on the market. Made of state-of-the-art technology, the iHeater allows customers to save over 50% on their heating costs for the season, when compared to most regular heaters and conventional furnace systems. For less than $1 a day (or, the same amount of energy used if a coffee pot was left on all day), the iHeater will heat a 1000 square foot area efficiently and safely, without flames, fumes, or deadly carbon monoxide. As the winter season approaches, many American families are discovering the advantages of using the iHeater in their homes to combat the winter weather. Revolutionary Design. Most heating systems are combustion based, and the heat they produce rises immediately to the ceiling. The iHeater’s unique design concentrates the heat throughout the room evenly, distributing a steady flow from floor to ceiling. This is especially helpful in homes with vaulted ceilings or open stairways, which typically experience “cold spots” as the conventional heat rises. The revolutionary iHeater eliminates cold spots and prevents heat from being wasted. Also, the iHeater is comparably smaller than other units on the market, and easier to install. No wiring or special tools are needed–just plug into a directly into a wall outlet and use the touch-screen controls. The controls are activated by heat from your fingertips. No More Dry Skin, No More Cold Floors. Conventional heating systems dry the air out and lower humidity levels, which exposes family members to respiratory problems and drier skin. The iHeater’s unique technology actually utilizes the moisture in the air to distribute the heat while maintaining desirable humidity levels throughout the house. Also, the centralized flow of the iHeater means the floors stay warm. Unlike conventional heating systems, which experience large and noticeable temperature differences throughout the room, the iHeater maintains an even distribution of heat. There is no more than a 2 degree Fahrenheit difference between the floor and the ceiling. Savings Today, Savings Tomorrow. Compared with other infrared heaters, the iHeater delivers the best value in the market, both in the present and in the future. The advanced “PTC” heating element in the iHeater is coated with titanium oxide and is virtually indestructible, and the iHeater’s unique filter never need replacing. Because of expert design, the iHeater is rated #1, which means lower rates and additional savings. Many customers experience a sharp decrease in their energy bills almost immediately upon using the iHeater, and with little maintenance required for the unit, the money saved will continue to grow. For more information, please go to Source:

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