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RF Key fob Technology Package

NEW YORK July 27, 2011

RF Key fob Technology Package

Can key fobs keep up with consumer demand for higher level features? Latest technology, market trends and practical concerns

Your one stop shop, cost effective package to understand how to give customers the user interface outside the vehicle and improve the vehicle experience.

The increase in demand for remotely operated functions on vehicles has driven development of RF key fobs, but also introduces some questions about the expectations of the drivers of the future. In addition to operating the locking functions, alarm system and often the power windows or exterior lighting of their vehicle via their RF key fob, there is also strong demand for more control of functions such as climate control and better information on the status of the vehicle. However, the issues of RF interference, limitations of the technology available and the potential security risks also need to be considered.

September 2011

This set contains:

– Enhanced Key Fobs – The Driver Interface Outside the Vehicle (Ref: SEC/2260)

This latest research report investigates present and future technological developments in key fobs and gives you an overview of why enhanced key fobs are essential in enriching customer experience.

This report looks at the latest vehicle key fob developments from Audi, BMW, GM, VW and Volvo as well as the latest prototype products from Continental, Delphi, Hella, Marquardt and Valeo. It also explains the technologies under consideration and the types of functionality that can be expected in the near future.

The availability of vehicle data on internal networks and better communications technology that allows data to be transmitted from the car has enabled the potential for the humble key fob to become an enhanced user interface. Drivers could be checking the status of their fuel, tyre pressure, cabin temperature and sending simple operating commands to run the air conditioning, pre-program the navigation system and start the engine.

The main barrier towards significant change is the trade-off between battery life and the power requirements of improved displays and communications. The fundamental keyless entry functions must not be affected by drivers using enhanced features and drivers would not accept constant recharging for a device that they are accustomed to using continuously. Existing devices prove that getting data to the key fob is not an issue, but allowing the driver to view it or use it causes concerns.

Suppliers are therefore looking at innovations such as low power displays, dual power supplies or acting only as a gateway module and utilising smart phone applications for display and control. SBD predict that based on the latest advances, drivers will be enjoying significantly enhanced key fob functionality on their vehicle within the next 5 years.

With SBD’s Enhanced Key Fobs report you can:

n Improve customer experience of key fob usage by understanding the technology available

n Understand the importance of offering enhanced key fobs and what consumers want from the technology

n Recognise the barriers to product adoption and how to overcome them

n Learn competitive features and functionality to develop future product strategy

– RF Interference and the Future for Vehicle Entry (Ref: SEC/2262)

SBD research shows that thieves will exploit any weaknesses or vulnerabilities to simple RF blocking techniques, many of which exist even on the latest key fob systems. Whilst background interference may not be the issue it once was, organised theft gangs are now regularly exploiting driver reliance upon RF transmissions in order to steal possessions from vehicles.

With SBD’s RF Interference report you can:

n Understand real theft methods being used to exploit RF entry systems

n Be aware of the scale of the problems that are affecting RF key fob design

n Learn how deliberate interference with RF key fobs is becoming a global issue

n Find out the latest market trends and which regions have the greatest interference issues

– The Market for Remote Engine Start (Ref: SEC/2263)

The market for remote engine start is complex and potentially difficult to understand. This report simplifies it and explains how the systems work, how they integrate with OE security systems and identifies the solutions necessary to avoid compromising a vehicles? security.

This research will help you to:

n Identify target markets where Remote Start is a sought-after product by consumers

n Understand the restrictions on fitment or use of Remote Start in 13 key global markets

n Decide future strategies for Remote Start development, its control and the security implications

n Understand how to avoid the security risks to vehicles posed by Remote Start using current and new technology

The SBD Mission…

From technical trends reports to conducting end user surveys, SBD has over 15 years of experience of providing strategic advice, insight and expertise to the automotive and associated industries globally.

At SBD, we help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers bridge that gap between system design and actual market needs. Our diverse team of experts understand global market and technical requirements and how to plan cost-effective systems for the future that customers value and are willing to pay for.

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