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RFID Car Dealership Software

This RFID car dealership software is compatible with GAO’s active 2.45 GHz long range RFID readers and tags. When used with a 2.45 GHz RFID reader, it provides an adjustable read range of 1 to 100 meters, which allows an entire dealership to be covered by a few well placed readers. With a number of RFID readers mounted in different areas of the dealership, the system is able to track and inventory all tagged cars, key fobs as well as employees in the dealership. The system monitors all registered tags in the dealership at all times. Each tag is associated with a car, a key fob or an employee it is attached to or worn by, and each reader is associated with the area it is mounted in. When a tag enters an area, it is read by the reader mounted in the area. The software also features easy inventory which allows users to start an inventory check by clicking the “Inventory” button on the user interface at any time. It also performs alert activities and test drive detection. When a tag enters the read range of these readers mounted at different access points of the dealership, an alert message is displayed on the screen alerting the user that a car and driver is about to leave the dealership; when an employee takes a car out for a test drive, the system is able to detect it automatically and display it on the screen. In addition, the software offers reports and users can check and print inventory history, alert activity history and test drive history through the software interface.

This RFID car dealership software belongs to GAO’s family of RFID Software. This line includes a wide variety of software such as GAO RFID Asset Tracking System, GAO RFID Car Wash Management System and Active RFID Sensor Control Management Software. This line of RFID software is suitable for various RFID applications.

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About GAO RFID Inc.
GAO RFID Inc. ( is a leading provider of RFID readers or interrogators, RFID tags or transponders and RFID software providing cost saving solutions to end users worldwide. GAO offers all RFID technologies: Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF, EPC Gen 2) as well as Active and Semi-Passive. GAO RFID’s products and services are easily customized for use in asset tracking, healthcare, supply chain & logistics, event management, access control, livestock tracking, inventory control & management, field service maintenance and document authentication.

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