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RHUB Communications Unveils TurboMeeting 3.3 Web conferencing Solution

RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), a premier provider of Web conferencing solutions, announced the release of TurboMeeting Version 3.3. This new release represents a milestone for the award winning TurboMeeting software with the launch of international language support and recording.

Santa Clara, CA, March 21, 2008 </b>– RHUB Communications, Inc.  (RHUB), a premier provider of <a href="">Web conferencing</a> solutions, announced the  release of TurboMeeting Version 3.3. This new release represents a milestone  for the award winning TurboMeeting software with the launch of international  language support and recording. TurboMeeting 3.3 now supports five languages  for user convenience: English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified  Chinese and Japanese. RHUB’s advanced record capability makes it easy for  the user to record both computer screen and audio during a meeting.  <p>All RHUB appliances will automatically update with this release. No IT  support is required for the update.</p> <p>The key new features of 3.3 include:</p> <p><b>International language support</b> – A user who has their PC set to  any of the five languages supported will automatically see all the  TurboMeeting user interface in his native language. Languages include:</p>
– Each PC user can record the meeting  session on their computer. Audio picked up by the computer microphone is  also recorded and synchronized with the screen update. RHUB proprietary  recording format yields much greater compression efficiency than standard  recording formats. Unlike other competitors using standard recording formats  that sometimes can record only part of the meeting presenter screens thus  miss some critical information, the RHUB player can view the whole or any  part of the meeting presenter screen during playing and all information is  captured. RHUB’s recorder only records the meeting presenter screen without  any insertion of attendees’ local screens thus eliminating confusion. The  voice quality is crystal clear. </p> <p>The single executable record file includes the embedded player. A user  just needs to click on the file and the player starts. It does not rely on  any third-party players. Hosting online registration for resellers –  Selected resellers can now conduct online campaigns and invite their  potential customers to register at their TurboMeeting appliance for<br> evaluation. Resellers can retrieve online registration anytime to generate  sales leads. Macintosh OS 10.5 support – The TurboMeeting client software is  now compatible with the newest Macintosh operating system.</p> <p><b>Publish meeting calendar</b> – Meeting hosts can now indicate which  meeting is to be published for public access. The TurboMeeting appliance  provides a URL for the appliance owner to display those publishable meetings  in either HTML or XML format. An attendee can simply click on a meeting link  on a public meeting calendar and join.<br>
Hide attendee list – The host of a meeting can choose to have attendee lists  display or not on attendees’ meeting control panel.Administrator control enhanced</b> – The system administrator can now  terminate any on-going meeting when it is desired.</p> <p><b>Enhanced branding</b> – In addition to the ability to brand the  meeting homepage with company logo and name, the appliance owner can set a  promotional URL of his marketing web page, which will be viewed by meeting  attendees when a meeting ends.   RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise appliances that  meet the needs of any organization. The Company’s end users total over 5,000  in a variety of market segments including services, manufacturing, and  government. RHUB’s on-premise <a href="">Web conferencing</a> appliances focus on criteria  of the highest importance to users: ease-of-use, affordability, security,  control, and reliability. RHUB’s breakthrough View-Only technology enables  users of any platform to join meetings by a browser, requiring no download.  With a small footprint, and power draw of only 4.5 watts, RHUB’s on-premise">Web conferencing</a> appliances are the perfect choice for organizations seeking  to improve their environmental credentials. RHUB is privately owned and  headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit
 Larry Dorie RHUB Communications<br> 888-633-8155"
 Judy Plummer Liquid Communications Group<br> (831) 335-4937<br>

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