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If you’ve ever wanted to annoy people on the bus by having “You Light Up My Life” as your cell phone’s ringtone, then brother, your day has come.

There are only two ways to successfully juggle an MP3 player and a cell phone. The first is to get Skullcandy headphones, which plug into both devices, and allow you to toggle between Mom and Madonna. The second, which is more expensive but much more fun, is to invest in a Nokia 3300 music phone.

Looking curiously like a Nokia’s N-Gage with more keys, the 3300 features an MP3 player, stereo FM radio and a digital recorder. Although the music is the best part about it, the phone can also act as a mini-organizer, with space for up to 250 calendar entries, a short 30 item to-do list, and the standard calculator, stopwatch, and countdown timer. For those stunningly boring moments in life, the 3300 also allows you to download Java games and applications.

Although it’s nice to have one less device in the pocket, the 3300 doesn’t sport the best sound in the world, not surprisingly. Face it, you’re listening to music through a phone, and that’s never going to be concert quality. But ditching the headphones that come with the phone, and buying some of better quality, can minimize this defect.

Besides, having slightly inferior sound won’t matter when you realize what makes this phone truly cool: choice of ringtones. Any music file imported to the phone can be used as a polyphonic ringtone. If you’ve ever wanted to annoy people on the bus by having “You Light Up My Life” as your ring, then brother, your day has come. Up to 50 ringtones can be stored, so feel free to express your individuality with style.

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