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Runners Learn About Shaving From Cyclists

Bouder, CO (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

With marathon season in full swing and the New York Marathon close at hand, some runners are starting to recognize the benefits of a long practiced grooming routine used by their fellow athletes – shaving. While cyclists and triathletes have been shaving their legs and bodies for years, some runners are just now learning the benefits of removing unwanted hair using LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel as a part of their grooming routine.

One of the primary advantages of shaving for a runner is that lotion application is much easier. “When you are training for a marathon, you spend a lot of time out in the sun putting in the miles,” said Austin Baskett, President of LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel and a marathon runner, triathlete and cyclist. “Sunscreen is much easier to apply when you don’t have hair to contend with and it is important to protect your skin if you are out in the sun for hours at a time.” Many male runners in particular avoid sunscreen and lotions because application is difficult with hair. With shaved legs and arms, lotion goes on with greater ease.

Massage is another significant reason for runners to shave. Hair creates friction and can cause discomfort during a massage. “Shaved skin is much easier for the masseuse to tend to and the runner doesn’t have any of that unpleasant pulling,” said Baskett.

Finally, there is the psychological advantage. “Shaved legs just look better. They have a sinewy, strong, defined look that un-shaved legs don’t have,” said Baskett. “Having legs that look strong makes you feel strong, which in turn, helps your overall performance – something cyclists have known for years.”

Mr. Baskett knows a thing or two about shaving. Prior to launching LEG LUBE® he was the Vice President of Marketing for American Crew® and he has worked with shaving products for years. After speaking with hundreds of athletes, he decided to launch LEG LUBE® so that athletes would have a product designed specifically for their needs.

LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel was designed to deliver a better shaving experience than soap or other shave creams. The clear gel was designed for both men and women and is so lubricating, you can even shave out of the shower with it. For athletes who travel, the packaging was also designed so that it can be carried-on and won’t leak.

Mr. Baskett estimates that there are around 15 million athletes in the U.S. that are shaving one or more of their body parts. “In the U.S. alone there are 135,000 active triathletes, 16 million ‘frequent runners’ and 6 million active road cyclists. When you consider that half of these athletes are women and are shaving already, you can see the need for a product that delivers beyond traditional shaving cream and soap,” said Baskett. “Some of our best retailers are running shops and we’re excited for others to learn about selling shaving as a new category.”

About LEG LUBE®: Founded in January 2011, the company makes performance leg care products for male and female cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes or any athlete who wants to care for their skin. Their first product, LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel was launched in June and is sold at cycling, running and multi-sport shops around the country or online at: LEG LUBE will be attending The Running Event in Austin Texas in December 2011; Booth #468


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