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Company helps sales staffs run more efficiently.

When Jonathan Tang and Richard Perkett founded Boston-based Salesnet, they wanted to create a software product for companies that would help sales teams perform more efficiently. After interviewing hundreds of sales reps, they decided to design a program that would address an underlying problem–powerful applications being applied to flawed business models. Salesnet CEO Michael Doyle filled us in recently on the company’s sales force automation software.

What does Salesnet’s sales force automation software do?

Salesnet is a customizable, Web-based SFA/CRM solution. Companies can model the best practices of their top sales performers and then distribute those to their entire sales organization.

One aspect of the program, Report Writer, enables sales managers to access real-time forecasting and pipeline data. Salesnet also provides a helicopter view for the CEO and president regarding their company’s overall sales performance–they get real-time critical data instantly. It’s very easy to use, and we have kept our interface simple enough so that salespeople not only use it, but they actually enjoy selling with it.

What are some of the benefits of turning to an ASP such as Salesnet?

With Salesnet, the cost is predictable and there’s virtually no risk involved. Salesnet delivers critical, real-time sales data anytime and anywhere–and that data is completely customized to meet our customers’ business requirements. There aren’t any of the synchronization issues typically associated with client-server applications. There aren’t any service disruptions with our product updates–they are delivered seamlessly to our end-users every 45 to 60 days. All of our costs are up front–there are no hidden maintenance charges, and there’s no ongoing IT support required.

What is the significance of the ship’s bell in the center of your office space?

When I joined Salesnet, one of the first executive planning activities I organized was a team-building retreat to Maine. I trekked through Maine with the executive team and went to various garage sales, flea markets, and second-hand stores. One of the things we found that captured the essence of Salesnet was an antique ship’s bell. The bell, attached to a wall located near the center of our office space, is rung for special occasions, such as announcing a deal won or a great new hire.

What other kinds of things have you done to establish a strong corporate culture at Salesnet?

Once a month, I hold a “fireside chat” and basically offer a company update to the entire team. It’s a great way for everyone to offer the executive team feedback and for us to reflect on our accomplishments of the past month, and improvements we need to make for the future.

Salesnet is a family-like environment. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we really do complement each other. I truly believe, as does our entire executive team, that the best ideas and the most creativity derives from a sound mind and a collaborative environment. Our team works together every day, interdepartmentally, to keep Salesnet on the top of its game. Our customers succeed when we succeed. And, it’s critical that our office and our extracurricular activities reinforce these notions.

What’s next for Salesnet?

We will continue to add new features and new technology every 45 to 60 days. Some of the new enhancements we will be launching are XML Web services that will enable APIs to legacy, new systems using Microsoft’s .NET platform, Salesnet Adaptable Offline wireless capabilities for PocketPC (Windows CE) devices and laptops, enhanced Process Builder technology that will include the ability to dynamically collect additional information as users move through the steps of process, and the ability to design multiple-user interfaces completely customized for each department within an organization.

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