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San Diego Spa Revolutionizes Deep Scar Treatment With the Help of Red Light Therapy

San Diego, Ca (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Ms. Benton says, “At a cellular level, Red Light accelerates the production of adenosinetriphosphate or ATP, which is the fuel that promotes cellular repair and growth.”

“This helps the cells to heal faster thus accelerating scar reduction and wound healing. It also hastens elastin fiber and collagen synthesis in the skin which is essential in preventing or lessening wrinkle formation,” she adds.

Although initially developed by NASA to cultivate plants in space, Red Light Therapy or RLT was found to be quite effective in the reduction of depression among astronauts. It has also been discovered to treat several health problems like inflammation, arthritic and joint pain. It also stimulates faster healing of wounds in patients undergoing chemotherapy and is effective as a therapy against aging.

“As we age, production of collagen is lessened making wrinkles and lines appear. However, when skin is exposed to RLT, an increase in collagen production happens, which results in wrinkles and small facial lines either smoothing out or disappearing totally. This makes the face look younger,” Ms. Benton states.

Furthermore, she explains, “The function of elastin in the skin is more or less the same as collagen, except that elastin provides elasticity to our connective tissues which allows our skin to return to it’s original shape after being stretched.”

Red light therapy can be very effective in treating scars. Santanning Spa client, Kevin Murphy, underwent Red Light Therapy to treat lacerations caused from a motorcycle accident that started from the top of his lips down to the bottom of his mouth. The wound was healed after five days of treatment.

“It’s interesting to note that I had RLT within 16 hours of the accident happening and an amazing 5 days later, the scab was already falling off! I have never in my life healed that fast from a wound,” Murphy enthuses.

“Because of this experience, I can definitely vouch that in the case of accelerated wound healing, this treatment works. Anyone who undergoes any type of surgery or aggressive chemical peels will benefit from Red Light Therapy,” he underscores.

Mr. Murphy also mentions that he noticed accidentally how RLT also smoothed out his crow’s feet and facial wrinkles after 12 treatments. He says though that he was also using microdermabrasion and a skin care regimen of Rhonda Allison products at that time.

“So, in my case, I can also vouch that RLT when combined with microdermabrasion and their skin care products will decrease and fade, if not totally remove wrinkles and lines from your face,” Murphy continues.

Ms. Benton explains, “Just understand that treatment is different for every person because of their skin type, their exposure to UV rays and their regimen in taking care of their skin. It will also matter if they know how to stay hydrated and whether they smoke or not.”

Santanning Spa now offers Red Light Therapy in full immersion beds wherein their entire body is exposed to RLT at 633 nanometers. This kind of treatment allows the lamps to be placed an inch or two away from the body, thus increasing the penetration of energy into the skin, which will in turn work at stimulating the skin cells more effectively.

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