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Save and Earn Big, Molderizer Releases Mold Removal Product Promising Huge Labor Cost Cut

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

For any home or property owner, a mold removal cost is surely an additional expense. However, no matter how expensive professional mold remediation service gets, people just have to go for it than risk their health. Because of that, many choose to be in the mold cleaning business. And for a bigger profit, Molderizer released a solution that promises professionals a huge cut in the labor cost.

The said solution is also called Molderizer. Unlike other mold removal products, it is organic-based. Hence, it is non-toxic and offers a safe mold remediation process.

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In addition, Molderizer also makes the mold removal easier to implement. Because, it is such an effective product, it requires no hard scrubbing to work. And basically, that also makes it fast to complete the treatment.

However, among the Molderizer’s praised characteristics, the one that highly sets it apart from other mold removal products is its formulation. When used, the solution actually goes down deep to the spore’s DNA. And from there, the product breaks the mold to ensure that it is eliminated completely and prevented from growing back.

Generally, there are two ways how Molderizer can cut a company’s mold removal cost.

First, with its two mold-remediation functions – elimination and prevention – repeat of the mold removal process to the customer’s place is also prevented. And basically that cuts the amount of resources to spend for every client. Thus, money is saved.

Two, because the product is easy and effective, there is no need to hire several employees to do the treatment. The non-toxic solution can replace a number of employees without compromising the effectiveness of the process. And with fewer people to pay, labor expense is decreased.

With much less to spend for one mold treatment, the more money is returned. And that just means bigger profit.

Discover All the Benefits of Non-Toxic Molderizer

Nonetheless, that’s just not how the non-toxic solution helps boost income. Given that it contains no chemical and is safe, application of it does not pose any danger to health or the environment. And because of that, evacuation is not needed.

With that safe, no-respiratory risk and no evacuation treatment to offer, any mold professional will surely have an edge over others in the field. With more green benefits to give, there is an edge that will attract more clients.

To prove the claim about the product’s effectiveness, the company is giving-out a complimentary sample of it. Apart from that, the company shares a guide on its site about mold removal products and mold removal cost for additional help for those in the mold removal business.

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