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SDE Receives Approval for a 100MW Power Plant Project From the Ministry of Energy in Kenya

TEL-AVIV, Israel Jan. 31, 2011 SDE Kenya Mexico

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Sea wave energy production is an innovative technology with great potential. The waves are created as a result of the winds on the surface of the ocean. Energy production factors include the velocity of the wind as a factor of the wave height; the wind’s consistency; the ocean surface area, its depth, and its topography. It is this energy that the technology of SDE is interested in harnessing and using as a green and renewable energy source.

The U.N. Development Program report (UNDP), released at the beginning of November, declared that widespread methods of power production cause tremendous large-scale harm to the environment and contribute to man-made climate change.

The effects of global warming show us the necessity of green renewable energy. The heat waves, floods, and other natural disasters that occur in every continent have created an urgent need for nations to adopt alternative energy production.

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The new sea wave power plant the 9th plant


The system developed by SDE has the ability to supply 500 times more power than current worldwide sea wave energy consumption. SDE owns a world patent, as well as a number of other patents in registration process. So far, SDE has built nine power plant models, each of which was financed by the Israeli government.


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