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There is an amazing amount of room for creativity with technology, and Sealworks is eager to explore every inch of it.

There’s an amazing amount of room for creativity with technology, and Washington Crossing-based Sealworks is eager to explore every inch of it. The company’s founders, Nicholas Floro and Kristin Veal, talk about chaos, excitement, and the art of empowerment.

How did the company get started?

Sealworks was started in the fall of 1992. We launched the company as a multimedia developer and value-added reseller. Over the years we’ve migrated our focus on developing interactive solutions. During the past 12 years we’ve developed hundreds of customized CD-ROMs, Web sites and Web applications, some of which combine technologies, creating a greater user experience.

What got you personally interested in doing this work?

We enjoy the excitement of the industry. It’s thrilling to be involved in how computer technology and design have meshed together over the years. Our techies are keen on exploring and experimenting with smart ways to innovate. And our designers constantly try out new techniques for creating more elegant and compelling visualizations. That’s a great combination. Each project is different and allows us all to exude our passion for creativity and technology. To empower a client with appealing and smart ways to communicate in a medium that barely existed a decade ago is a huge charge.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

Along with all the excitement there is a lot of upheaval and chaos in this business, as everyone reading this magazine knows. Old technology and ways of communicating fade away and new ones emerge and often compete bitterly to become the dominant platform or standard. We’ve reached a level of credibility after so many years in the business where our clients will come to us and say, “Look, here’s what we want to do. Just make it work and look great.” And, of course, we always do.

What are some of the challenges that currently exist in providing interactive solutions?

One of the biggest challenges, particularly with new clients, is communicating the potential for a given solution. Helping clients to envision the kind of impact a solution can have on their business. And not just in creating efficiencies or in communicating better; these things are always important, of course. But often, we can help clients develop a solution that does much better than provide a return on investment or help them save money. Often, organizations may not understand how the solutions we provide can enhance and generate revenue, not just reduce expenses.

More and more information is being translated into the digital medium. As a society, we interact with screens more and more each day. One of our specialties is really making what appears on that screen as useful as possible. And that the technology behind that screen actually does what you want it to do as quickly and efficiently as possible without you giving it a second thought. For that to work as well as possible, thoughtful planning, understanding, savvy, technology assessment and resourcefulness are all required and blended together.

What do you like best about what you do?

The thought of creating something that surpasses what a client could have imagined their request to be. Client’s often come to us because something doesn’t work, or is aggravating, or complicated or unclear they just don’t know what to do but they know they want it to work. Creating solutions, which not only resolve the problem but also “empower” our clients to do what they do best, while surpassing their expectations not only makes our clients happy but also in turn enables us to beam with pride. That’s what we strive for every day.

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