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SECLUDIT announces Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2

It constitutes a fundamental building block for security administrators to handle security on a dynamic infrastructure, at no administration cost. Dynamic infrastructures, as opposed to classic static ones, rise the risk of external and internal attacks and exponentially rise the cost of security administration, due to manual management of the continuously changing security perimeter of the elastic set of servers. Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2 is the answer to the increasing security risks of a continuously changing infrastructure.
It relies on SecludIT Elastic Security patent pending technology which is the answer to distributed architectures, dynamic threats and an attack surface that keeps changing, automatically building and adapting security perimeters so that the infrastructure is always protected. While IT infrastructure evolves to answer business needs, Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 automatically sets the right security checks and corresponding alerts: this is an entirely new paradigm, called Auto-Checks. Contrarily to other security and monitoring tools, where administrators have to setup checks and alerts for each server, Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 auto-detects servers and automatically sets the checks and alerts. The administrator can do fine tuning of the checks and alerts to respond to specific needs but as long as the infrastructure keeps evolving, Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 keeps up with the security through the Auto-Checks.
Delivered as SaaS and without the need to install and maintain agents on virtual machines, Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 watches the security of Amazon EC2 infrastructures, helping administrators to provide a high-quality, professional service level to their customers and users. With Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2, administrators are the very first to get alerted whenever there is an important problem, even when their infrastructure evolves and without the need for further manual configuration.
The very first users of Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 are enthusiastic: “Great thanks! What you say about ports and security groups makes sense and is very powerful. This is something you should definitely highlight”. Sergio Loureiro, CEO of SecludIT comments: “We are very proud of releasing today the very first product based on our innovative Auto-Checks technology. The first feedback we got are very positive, and Elastic DetectorTM is only at the beginning of what we can do. We are working hard on our product roadmap!”.
After a successful private beta test period, Elastic DetectorTM is now available for Amazon EC2 and it will be extended to support other cloud providers. Please sign-up at the website: About SecludIT SecludIT is a security SaaScompany fully focused on cloud infrastructure security. SecludIT’s vision is that only a fully automated approach to security can cope with the elastic nature of new cloud infrastructures. Elastic DetectorTM for Amazon EC2 is the first product that materializes the patent pending Elastic SecurityTM technology, which allows to dynamically adapt the security perimeter to changing cloud infrastructures.
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