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SecureTower 2.6 – full control over user work stations

When it comes to information security in a corporate network, internal threats dominate over external ones, so it is important not only to monitor possible leakage by means of data interception and analysis, but also to control network activities of the staff. The lack of comprehensive control over business processes may lead to an increased number of potential insiders and disloyal employees, which often entails a serious deterioration of the company’s performance.

SecureTower 2.6 has advanced functionality for staff activity control. In combination with its functions of data interception and analysis, the system gives much more opportunities to establish a systematic approach to information security in a company, to resist internal threats, and, what is most important, take preventive measures.

Desktop screenshots
This function allows obtaining detailed information about the activities your employees are engaged into during their working hours, and enrich statistical reports with important data.

For a more detailed study of the activities occurring on user computers, SecureTower takes screenshots at pre-set intervals inconspicuously for the user and saves them into a database chronologically. A quick gallery view of these screenshots gives full information about all employee’s activities.
Graphical analyzer of user interconnections
This feature allows keeping track of both internal communications between the personnel and their contacts with outside destinations. Thus, it not only provides an opportunity to identify most sociable and active users in the network, but also allows monitoring the interactions of the personnel with competitors for further evaluation of employees' loyalty. All this enables timely identification of possible future data leaks instead of just investigation of incidents that have already occurred.

Flexible reporting system
SecureTower generates detailed reports on every employee’s network activities, supported by charts and diagrams for greater clarity. The reports help understand who and how uses corporate network resources: who spends 70% of work time on Facebook or Myspace, who spends hours chatting over AIM or Skype, or in other activities not related to the employee’s responsibilities. SecureTower can be configured to send notifications on instant messenger overuses and thus determine what the staff is actually busy with in the moments of peak activity.

Due to its unique functionality SecureTower is not only a high-performance DLP system in its traditional understanding, but also a versatile tool for monitoring personnel’s network activity, featuring a wide range of instruments for monitoring and analysis of employees work right at their workplaces. By providing a full picture of an employee’s work day, reports on Internet misuse for personal purposes and desktop screenshots for a whole day, SecureTower allows total control over efficient use of working hours.

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Max Shiryaev,
FalconGaze PR-Director

About Falcongaze
FalconGaze was founded in 2007 and is now the vendor of premium-class high-performance solutions in the sphere of information security. The company offers complex solutions for control over sensitive data leakage and undesired distribution, tailored to monitor employees’ network activities.

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