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SecuTech UNIKEY Drive USB Key Allows Publishers to Protect, License and Deliver Software on One Sing

 UNIKEY Drive is the latest addition to the UNIKEY protection key family, released on Feb 3 2010, which enables software publishers to grow their business through software protection, IP protection and secure licensing. By combining hardware- and software-based protection into one solution, UNIKEY empowers software vendors with the flexibility to choose the level of protection and licensing that best fits their budget and business needs.

 One Key: Smaller Size, Tiny Price

UniKey Drive measuring 30mm(L)*12mm(W)* * 2mm(H), the smallest security dongle in the world, ideally suited for notebook computers or where a Dongle security products feature industry leading functionality and capabilities to ensure your software is locked down tightly.

With UNIKEY Drive, vendors can use partitioning software to provide mass storage for their end-users. This provides significant flexibility, allowing software vendors to partition the key in any way, designating space for the software (ROM) and mass storage for the end user – they can store their own application data files. Additionally, UNIKEY Drive’s auto-run software setup capabilities allow end-users to run the protected application directly from the UNIKEY Drive USB key, adding even further convenience for the end-user.

 Smartcard Technology

Based on advanced smart card – the proven most secure technology, UniKey Drive smart card processor controls the software licenses and flash storage inside UniKey drive, is ideal for distributing your software on-key. Use the UniKey Drive key when you want to license a large number of components or require metered licensing.

 1GB on-key Flash Storage Memory

UniKey drive includes a 1GB flash storage on-key. This is for storing data such as user’s data, software, digital credentials and etc.

The UniKey Drive flash memory storage is versatile, which can be partitioned to several virtual drives.

 Virtual CD-ROM with auto run

A virtual CD-ROM can be created in UniKey drive. Software might utilize the auto-run function to deploy the software with ease.

 Password Protected Flash Drive

The virtual flash drive can be password-protected. Non-authorized users cannot access the data on the protected UniKey flash drive.

 Encrypted and Hidden Flash Drive

The encrypted/hidden drive function gives software vendors a ideal secure flash memory storage for storing large data volumes.

The flash drive is invisible for end-users, our internal virtual disk protection design also makes data copy impossible.

 Strong Protection against Software Piracy

Secure, non PC-dependent external storage device – Store licenses, passwords, strings, and application dependent data in either protected read/write memory or ROM.

Unique ID number for every key – Provides strong Intellectual Property protection and easily identifies and confirms only properly licensed, authorized application users.

UNIKEY Envelope automatic file wrapper – Provides anti-reverse engineering, file encryption and code obfuscation to protect valuable algorithms and trade secrets

 UNIKEY Drive Supports Multiple Licensing Methods

UNIKEY Drive stores tamper-proof licenses, using smart card technology embedded in each key, ensuring licenses are protected by hardware. The new key also offers remote, flexible updating capabilities using a Remote Update System (RUS) which sends encrypted and RSA digitally-signed license terms to users in the field.

 Network licensing

UniKey Drive USB key is the most advanced and sophisticated system available for protecting software running in network environments.

A single UniKey Drive USB key, connected to any computer in a network, provides flexible 3-way software protection:

Software copy protection.

Limits the number of users who can access your application concurrently.

Controls access of different software modules and packages.

 An Unsurpassed Level of Convenience and Protection

Combining not only security and licensing methods, but also allowing the actual delivery of the protected software on the key itself, UniKey drive Offers a powerful, multi-tasking protection and licensing solution, SecuTech clearly leads the market with unsurpassed innovation and technology that directly answers software vendors’ demands for comprehensive, all-inclusive solutions that decrease steps while maximizing revenue through anti-piracy, IP protection and licensing options.


SecuTech Solution Inc. is willing to provide comprehensive customization and personalization service, including various color cases, laser etching, and hardware naming service.

UNIKEY Drive is designed and manufactured under ISO 9001:2000, ensuring consistent quality and performance. For additional information on SecuTech UNIKEY Drive and the entire suite of UNIKEY solutions, visit .

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