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Segway of Oakland Announces New Segway PT gets the equivalent of 450 miles per gallon of Gas:

Oakland, California (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

Segway of Oakland is now announcing that the New Segway PT gets the equivalent of 450 miles per gallon of gas. The Segway PT is the most efficient vehicle in the world. The Segway is super small and it transfers power perfectly to the wheels because of its self-balancing mechanism. Nothing can match the ultra-efficiency of a Segway.

A Segway is a different kind of vehicle because it’s a personal transporter. A personal transporter is an ultra-small vehicle that is not an alternative for a larger automobile but instead is meant for short distances. No doubt that a personal transporter does not have the same qualities of a larger vehicle in terms of what it does. It is a very different kind of animal. But the ultra-small Segway has some serious advantages for short range transportation and that’s one reason that Segways persist even though everybody thought they would just be a fad.

“One reason that you are actually seeing Segways more and more is because people are beginning to realize that only a Segway delivers the kind of efficiency that translates into 450 miles per gallon, said Darren Romar, Co-Owner of Segway of Oakland. “With a 25 mile range, the tiny Segway isn’t really that far off from how far an electric car can go on a charge. They really are not that far off of what you get from a single charge in a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, or etc. Like the Segway, electric cars don’t have a super range on a single charge, but they also don’t have anywhere near the kind of efficiency that a Segway does.”

Part of having a vehicle that does any real good for the environment and when it comes to limiting emissions is the efficiency of the vehicle. Even electric vehicles that report fewer emissions uses electricity and the electricity have to be generated somewhere. A lot of electric power in the USA is generated by coal, which doesn’t really translate to fewer emissions because it requires the burning of coal. The way that electric vehicles reduce their emissions is partly due to their small size for a car, so in terms of size and efficiency, the Segway has it beat by a long shot.

A Segway takes about 25 cents to “fill up” which translates into about 450 miles per gallon. That’s efficiency (mostly due to its small size and direct power transfer)! When you’re getting 450 miles per gallon of gasoline, then you’re really doing something for the planet.

A Segway is a powered vehicle, and although it’s far from effortless, it has a motor, or rather motors. The Segway is designed as a super small, super-efficient powered vehicle and you can go 5 miles on it with about a 20th the effort it takes on foot. But because it’s not a car, with a 25 miles range, the Segway is best to use for travel around the neighborhood or around the city. And because the Segway is only about as wide as a person’s own shoulders, the Segway is extremely maneuverable in crowds.

Romar continued, “Another big part of a Segway is that it’s fun. A Segway zips along and you’re having a blast while you’re getting 450 miles per gallon! A Segway is really like a Real Car in that it is fun! It isn’t like a four-door sedan where you just use it to go to work and go home (but you can choose to if you want), a Segway is fun like a sports car! A Segway will make you feel like you’re breezing by, like you’re skiing, or like you’re floating! Get a Segway and have some fun and get 450 miles per gallon.”

Segway owners can even take their Segway on BART. That’s where Segways really have something unique. It’s so small you can get a permit for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and you can take it onto the train! That makes for the world’s most efficient system in terms of pure emissions and efficiency. The Segway is a tiny vehicle that provides far greater mobility than on foot, and it’s tons of fun, and when you couple it with something like BART it really works to get people around.

At Segway of Oakland’s shop in Oakland, California, they service Segways almost exclusively and they’ve serviced units from tour companies with newer models of Gen 2 Segways that have over 20,000 miles. The Segway is made in the USA and it’s built really well and lasts a really long time. So even though a Segway is still expensive in the short-run, it is very durable and reliable (and FUN), and it is super-efficient so it can even help save money in the long-run. Segway of Oakland encourages people to try the Segway to get a feel for the Segway themselves, and they are offering to provide lessons on how to ride Segways, and are offering Segways for rent or for sale. For people purchasing a Segway from them, they even have accessories straight from Segway Inc for sale. As the longest term Segway service center in Northern California, bring your Segway to Segway of Oakland and keep your Segway running strong. Call 1-888-8SEGWAY and visit their website to learn more about the products and services they offer.


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