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Sharing The Good Bad And Tough Experiences About Children Homes

Orphan children are generally plagued with a void in their adult lives. They feel they have missed their childhood. At the same time, they also have some memorable experiences that they are afraid they would forget in due course of their lives. The website not only allows them to keep the memories of those places alive where they had spent their childhood, but also gives them a platform to share the difficulties and unfairness encountered by them there. This will also help our society point out the flaws and drawbacks in our system.

The website spokesperson discusses in brief the history of these children homes. He says that these intuitions have been in existence since 100 A.D. They were then known as Orphanotrophias. Many societies in the past made several arrangements for the proper upbringing of those children whose fathers had been killed in war. They were provided with food, shelter, and education at least until the age of 18. Great philosopher Plato stated in one of his doctrines that it was the duty of society to take care of orphans. He also stressed that the ancestral property of these orphans should belong only to them. He condemned any other use of such property.

The church, in earlier times, especially supported this cause. Churches accepted to take care of these children for as long as possible. Unlike children homes of today, they were usually placed in apprenticeship to ensure that, at a later phase in their lives, they will be able to sustain their livelihood.
The spokesperson expresses his concern over the increasing rate of pre-marital pregnancy in teenage girls in the United States, as this is the major cause of children ending up in children homes. He also says that, today, it is our foremost responsibility to protect these children from all types of exploitation, sexual or otherwise. He says that a number of people have shared the stories of exploitation while they were in orphanage. Since the website does not ask for anybody’s personal information, people freely share their experiences without any hesitation. This brings out some of the most shocking and regrettable stories of child abuse. He says that now he understands why the administrators of these children homes were depicted as cruel monsters in the stories, such as “Annie” and “Oliver Twist.”

If you also spent your childhood in a similar orphanage for children, then you will surely have many good and bad experiences to share. You can post them without declaring your identity at the Children Homes website. Visit their website at

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