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Shield UI Adds Data Export Capabilities for PDF and Excel to its Web Development Suite

Shield UI, a leading UI component vendor, is pleased to announce the fully functional data export capabilities of its Grid component.

SEATTLE, WA, December 24, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the newest release of the Shield UI framework, data export capabilities for PDF and Excel are introduced as built-in feature of Grid widget. What this means is that, with just a property set on the grid, you can turn on the data export. At this moment it supports exporting grid data to Excel and PDF. What’s great is the fact that these exports are all happening within the browser and no server invocation is required. These features are ones that almost every Shield UI user wanted to be supported out of the box.

The latest Shield UI release provides the ability to export data in two wide-spread Excel file formats – XML and XLSX, which are extremely flexible and fully-compatible with other spreadsheet software like Apache Open Office, Star Office and etc. The generation of the file content is done solely in the client web browser, without any dependencies on the server-side. By using another recent addition – the file save-as functionality, the Shield UI framework also delivers the file on the users’ local devices, where they can be processed further.

Additionally, the Shield UI suite provides developers the ability to generate complex PDF documents in their web projects, and make them available for download directly in the web browser.

The Excel and PDF exporting functionalities are built-in in the Shield UI Grid component, which makes it very easy to be enabled. Using just a few configuration options, developers can set up the spreadsheet header, the data source to be used for retrieving the rows, individual column options etc. For complex scenarios, there are several commands that can be overridden, where custom settings for the general as well specific rows and columns, can be specified.

The Shield UI Grid data export functionality makes uses of the client side File API in browsers to save the file. The browsers that support the necessary API are IE10+, Google Chrome and Firefox. However, if the browser doesn’t implement file save API, the grid provides a fallback mechanism. If a server side proxy URL where the file content can be posted is provided, the file can be converted on the server and streamed back to end user. With this fall back mechanism, the export can be made to work even on browsers that don’t support the necessary HTML5 API, allowing end user to cover all the browsers with respect to file export.

By bringing the PDF and Excel exporting functionality to all of the supported platforms – JavaScript and HTML5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and Java Apache Wicket, the Shield UI suite becomes the perfect tool for many developers and designers that want to introduce enterprise features to their apps.

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