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SHPSA-650A103F08, a +/-650V, 1,000 Amps Solid State Switching Apparatus (SHPSA) for Various Power Tests Delivered to MET Laboratories, Inc. Santa Clara, CA USA

Louisville, KY, July 25, 2018 –(– The family of SHPSA has expanded by delivering a more powerful device that generates up to 2,500 Amps /650 V or 300kW rms and 1.6MW pulses, assembled in 19″W x 39″L x 72″H rack cabinet. A controller PF-SPCO/x configures several SPST-NO switches (like a D9G650D103) rated at 1,000 Amps & 650V as a single SPDT&N (or SPCO) switch with a neutral, break-before-make action. The neutral state is an extremely useful property of SHPSA. It allows users to replace a load while applied voltages are still presented on input terminals. Most remarkable, the device delivers 1,000 Amps almost perfect rectangular wave pulses with matching rising and falling slopes, even on a capacitive load, faster than 160ns with “G” series switches and 78ns or faster with the “F” series switches. Such performance is due to a superfast discharging capacitor array (SDCA-08) or a V-battery that is capable of discharging 2,500 Amps in microseconds. Combined with an external pulse generator SHPSA can generate all kind of waveforms for testing various devices, conduct scientific researches, defense and industrial applications.

As a stand alone, high-power pulses can be delivered using an internal adjustable pulse generator, triggered manually or remotely. The PF-SPCO provides several modes of operation:

1. A single shot (a duration of the pulse is set by a built-in adjustable generator).
2. A push-pull (1/2 bridge driver) mode, up to 200KHz, set by an external generator.
3. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of either shoulder (switch).
4. Disable mode, in which the output is floating (neutral).

The SHPSA is designed as a versatile device. Prices vary from $56K to $184 depending on a speed, power, control, capacitor of the V-battery, etc. It can be used to test various power components, switch-mode power supplies, and any other equipment for their susceptibility to an applied power. It is perfect as a pulsar in high-speed Capacitor Discharging Welding Systems with ultra-fast rising time for high-throughout weld cycles over a broad range of applications. It will find use in a particle acceleration, ultra-strong magnetic field generation, and fusing research fields, as well as providing power to high-power pulsed laser and generating electromagnetic pulses.

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