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With so many flat panels on the market, shopping can be tough. But here’s a reliable monitor that can cut down on your research time.

Although they were once enough to inspire audible gasps, flat panel monitors are now fairly standard gear for many offices. With so many on the market, shopping can be tough, given the range of sizes and prices at a Best Buy near you, but there are some reliable entries that can cut down on your research time.

One notable entrant in the field is Samsung’s 173B, a 17-inch LCD with a very sleek and minimalist look that delivers nice sound and image resolution.

The most striking part of the 173B is that it seems awfully large, probably bigger than one might expect to see in a 17-inch. This is because Samsung has reduced the normal bezel size and finished it in brushed silver, which gives the monitor a handsome appearance that makes it easy to stare at all day.

A grill in the bottom portion of the screen hides a pair of speakers in a way that’s both unobtrusive and funky, a nice combination for such a central piece of desktop equipment.

The monitor also gets high marks in terms of ergonomics. Unlike some flat panels that are hard to adjust or have a limited range of motion, the 173B has a spring-loaded height adjustment device as well as a pivot where the stand attaches to the monitor.

For extra credit, Samsung has also hidden a type of turntable under the stand so the monitor can be rotated from side to side. Anyone who’s ever had to move a monitor so a colleague can view their work will appreciate this minor, but much appreciated, detail.

Hungry for more ergonomics? We thought you’d never ask. The monitor also comes with software that allows it to go from portrait to landscape mode in a blink. Just try not to gasp like the old days when you flip the screen on its side for the first time.

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