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Smartphones to get dual core chips?

Although smartphones now are pretty capable and can take 720p video and some have processors of 1GHz, analysts report that users have more demands. If the dual core processors are loaded in the phones, it would allow users to watch full 1080p high-definition video and run more demanding applications.

However, there has been no official announcement on the part of the phone makers, but chip makers are all set to put dual-core chips in smartphones. Qualcomm has already shipped its first dual-core processor, the MSM8660, and is due to start sampling a faster dual-core chip, the QSD8672, later this year. Texas Instruments is scheduled to ship a dual-core chip, the OMAP4430, later this year, and it could reach devices early next year.

Nathan Brookwood, Principal Analyst, Insight 64, said, “People are running demanding applications on smartphones that require more computational power. For example, Apple’s FaceTime video-conferencing application demands a lot of performance with multiple video streams and picture-in-picture capabilities. As video images move to higher resolutions and video-calling capabilities reach more smartphones, devices will need faster processors.”

If the smartphones start getting dual or multi core processors, they will be on their way to rub shoulders with laptops and desktops, which include multi core chips. However, there are many challenges in way of loading the smartphones with multi core processors because of their small size.

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