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Social Bookmarking – Connect With Others To Share, Receive Information

Social bookmarking site allows registered users to come together to form groups, where like-minded individuals having common interests can share their views on their favorite topics with other users. Other members having interest in such topics can join the group, subject to membership approvals in some cases.

Many social bookmarking websites use the open content management system (CMS) called Pligg, which provides social networking software that, spurs visitors to register on the websites, which allows them to connect with other users and submit articles. The software is user friendly and can be downloaded for free. Your free social bookmarking site will be ready for use in a matter of minutes with Pligg CMS. A user can also communicate with a fellow member privately with Pligg’s private messaging module, where messages can be sent to your friend’s inbox so that they can respond to you on an individual basis.

The site has a unique system where you can not only post comment on articles, but also give ratings to comments posted by others. This results in a higher rated comment being displayed on the top. Comments are thus listed based on their quality. Other unique advantages include a profile page where users can use their preferred settings, send messages, and make friends.

Social bookmarking sites use RSS feeds to track the latest developments. Users can subscribe to a fellow group member’s voting trends, front page, upcoming page, and categories. The software on the site allows you to drive more traffic with the aid of suitable keywords and friendly search engines. It assures higher rankings and faster and frequent indexing.

Another unique feature is the use of multiple languages, where users can add languages by joining the Pligg’s translator group. There are convenient customizing opportunities where you can add more functions depending on your requirement without having to alter the code. There are a wide range of free modules, which can be used with great effect to enhance the looks and functioning of your site. Since the template system keeps the code separate from the design, updating your site to the latest version is an extremely simple task and designing a new template even easier.

The upgrading process is simple and fast, as it does away with the need to edit any of the core files. Unlike other social bookmarking websites, managing unlimited number of authors is simple on this site. The users are in absolute control of the website’s content. To know more about Social bookmarking website, such as social result, visit the given link.

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