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Social Cubix initiates “Agency Solutions” for Brand Marketing via Facebook Applications

Social Cubix: The Company initiates “Agency Solutions” for Brand Marketing via Facebook Applications After the evolution of social networks, social media took the world in storm. The internet niche became some sort of business forums for the brands. And it has remained the same—in fact it has become a growing need for the brands to “exist” on social media and social networks, literally. It is a proven fact that marketing campaigns hit the sky when they are run through social media campaigns. The bounce rate soars and the brands get their deserved recognition. Some brands get on the center stage sooner as compared to the others, while the rest reach out the mass with a relative slow pace. But the end game remains the same; which is, promotion and marketing campaigns via social media are always regarded as “a hit formula”. The viral marketing system that exists within these platforms is perfect for any company large or small and the sky is the limit when it comes to marketing on these platforms. While every product and service grows at its own pace there is no question that agency solutions [1] is the best approach whatever the business size.The best way to ensure that your campaign is going in the right direction for your company is to utilize agency solutions. Social Cubix offers agency solutions via a dedicated consultant who will guide you through the process step-by-step.And, it’s a “line-on-rock” that Facebook stands as a holy grail for the successful social media marketing campaigns. Facebook application can be a successful solution for a branded campaign.Now, you can’t make a bus driver steer a ship. It’s Captain who will steer the ship and help you reach the shores.Similarly, for effective branded marketing via Facebook applications [2] you would need the “agency solutions”. Social Cubix offers agency solutions via dedicated consultant who will help you understand the step-by-step process and management of partner campaigns towards break-even point of value proposition. Social Cubix have been working closely and actively with leading agencies and strategic partners to render the services to global brands, small or big.Each brand, while working with Social Cubix, enjoys a dedicated consultant who remains always available for the consultancy and is there to assist in any needy hour. Social Cubix believes in commitment and delivers the results for the partners to compete, evolve and expand in the market-place.About Social Cubix: Social Cubix, a subsidiary of Joviant Technology, is a Facebook application development company that was launched back in October 2007. We offer application development emphasizing on the concepts of design, social-networking market, viralchannel and monetization-tool. We, Social Cubix provide our services to theindividuals, companies and organizations who are interested in developing anapplication for Facebook having the nature (of application) ranging from business,entertainment, music, fashion brands, food & drink, education, gaming, sports andmany other categories focusing on fun-activities and expanding the social-graph withthe social-networking nature of Facebook. Social Cubix is a company to look-up for the purpose of application development forthe Facebook Platform as it consists of outstanding developers, well-experienceddesigners and dedicated individuals, who altogether forge a winning team whichquickly responds to client feedback, user feedback, platform changes, andtechnological-industry changes with professional approach. Social Cubix Team isworking together to expand the horizons of innovation, quality, and financing(monetization) through Facebook applications. Company Contact Detail:Salman Lakhani, Chairman & COO Social Cubix,15308 Spencerville Ct, Suite 201B,Burtonsville, MD 20866 – USA(1)866.978.2220 [1] [2]

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