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Social Media Maxima Has a New Online Presence Program for Restaurant Owners

Washington DC (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

The online presence of a business today is one of the most important indicators of the quality and value of the company. Those that have professionally designed and developed websites have an advantage over their competitors who do not. The website is the proverbial storefront for any business. When potential customers, referral sources, and interested parties seek out a business, the first place they look is online at the company's website. If this first impression is unimpressive, unprofessional, or worse, non-existent, many on-lookers will simply navigate away from that business and onto one that has a better presentation on the web.

The next place someone searching for information about a business might go is the company social media platforms. With social media being the number one activity on the Internet now, people are using these platforms to communicate a vast array of data. A good part of that communication involves sharing recommendations and information about their experience with businesses, both good and not so great. People are twice as likely to patronize a business if it was mentioned or referenced on a contact's social media platform. This has the potential to be massive free advertising for companies that know how to use these sites.

The problem is, many business owners still do not know or accept that this is the case. They have not effectively harnessed the power of social media to promote their product, service, or brand. Restaurants are no exception, with the added dimension that restaurants are in the best possible position to benefit the most from digital marketing. People love food, we love pictures of food, and talk about food. People are highly influenced by the opinion of others and will make decisions about where to go based on the recommendations of others, even strangers. This is why sites like Yelp and local restaurant guides with reviews are critical for businesses to be aware of and actively engaging with their audience there.    

Successful restaurant owners and managers are too busy handling the diverse demands of their position to take time out of their day to post content on social media platforms. To do inbound marketing effectively in this industry, a greater attention to real-time activity must be put on a greater number of platforms than most small businesses need to do. Social Media Maxima's program for restaurants is an outsource function that allows managers to pass on the information about their establishment's events, specials, and promotions directly to their social media account manager to post on all of their platforms. Many restaurant owner/managers need a lot of help with establishing online marketing campaigns and this program allows for a great deal of consultation and collaboration between the restaurant and their social media manager.

Many restaurants make the mistake of having existing employees manage this function. Though that approach may be effective in some cases and for a while, inevitably the employee leaves or under-functions in this role and the business suffers from a deficient online presence while the responsibilities shift. Most restaurant employees are not trained on the best practices and industry standards of the current inbound marketing field. This means their whole online presence is in the hands of someone who is not an expert in a rapidly changing and complex industry.

Social Media Maxima's President/CEO, Andrea Howard states, "our inbound marketing program for restaurants is an excellent option for outsourcing the hefty demands of establishing and maintaining a quality online presence". Now restaurant owners and managers can get the help they need to keep their online presence impressive to the rest of the world.

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