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Solveforce Enters Boston, Massachusetts Offering MPLS Technology on an Enterprise Level

Solveforce and Affiliates will be entering the Boston, MA marketplace assisting businesses with MPLS Technology beginning 11/1/2015.

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) October 29, 2015

Solveforce is planning their MPLS Technology expansion for 11/1/2015. Boston, MA companies can now request quotes online with Solveforce’s real-time quoting tool.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) can speed up the flow of network traffic and make it easier to manage. MPLS is flexible, fast, cost-efficient and allows for network segmentation and quality of service (QoS). MPLS also offers a better way of transporting latency-sensitive applications like voice and video. While MPLS technology ( has been around for several years, businesses are now taking advantage of service provider offerings and beginning their own corporate implementations.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching promises a number of new efficiencies and control features for service providers. The benefits of MPLS have certainly been noticed, as the technology is widely adopted within telecom networks. So what are some of those MPLS benefits?


One of the benefits of MPLS is that it combines some of the qualities of physical “nailed up” circuits that were difficult and expensive to scale, with the cost-effective but relatively unpredictable nature of pure IP routing.

When it comes to the scalability of larger or more complex networks, MPLS allows you to do automatic configuration of the network and setting up of tunnels or label-switched paths. It’s less resource-intensive physically, to configure the circuits.

In addition, another MPLS Technology benefit is its protocol-agnostic nature. Many different types of traffic can be carried via MPLS routing without regard to what type of traffic it is.

Traffic Routing

MPLS works by imposing labels on packets as they leave a customer’s network and enter the MPLS network. Rather than look up IP header information to direct packets, network elements simply read the MPLS label and whisk the packet along to the next hop in a pre-determined path. MPLS allows companies to have a much more determined path from point A to point B through the network

Quality of Service Attributes

One of the oft-cited benefits of MPLS is the ability to assign QoS features to traffic. Because MPLS works with a system of labels, customers can determine prioritization levels associated with those labels.

About Solveforce

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