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Sophia Offers Many Ways to Learn Online with More Than 25,000 Free Academic Tutorials Created For Students

MINNEAPOLIS April 25, 2012

Steve Anastasi

Sophia offers more than 25,000 tutorials – bite-sized lessons created by a multitude of experts – on a variety of topics that feature a mixture of text, audio, video, slideshows and more. In addition, there are multiple tutorials on a single concept, providing students with many ways to learn. Soon the site will provide recommendations to students based on the types of tutorials they’ve used (much like Amazon or Pandora) that will lead them to additional lessons on a certain topic or move them to the next lesson within a subject area.

In addition, students now have the ability to complete a short learning assessment that helps determine their learning preference.

"There are a few key critical aspects that separate Sophia from other academic resources on the web," said Anastasi. "First, the size of our tutorial library and the breadth of content that covers several academic subjects including math, science, English and more makes Sophia one of the more robust resources available for parents, teachers and students of all ages. Second, our tutorials come from hundreds of excellent teachers, rather than one or two experts. And finally, Sophia makes it easy for every teacher everywhere not only to leverage our tutorial library, but to easily contribute their own tutorials – all for free."

Sophia Provides Tools for Flipping the Classroom and Pathways for Learning

March 2011

When flipping the class, teachers have the ability to develop their own content, choose from Sophia’s library of more than 25,000 tutorials or use its newly developed Pathways feature. The Pathways feature includes a variety of learning paths – full curriculums meeting standards-aligned objectives that can take a student through an entire semester of material for a multitude of topics. Each learning path contains hundreds of tutorials, with at least five different teachers for each concept who all teach the material in different ways.

"Education is changing and we believe it is important to offer students many ways to learn by giving them the opportunity to hear from multiple teachers on a single concept," Anastasi said. "We are reversing the traditional classroom model of one teacher for many students by providing many teachers for each student."

Sophia was created in 2010 by a team of online education pioneers, academic advisers and digital innovators who have a vision to transform education from a one-size-fits-all model to a place where every student succeeds by having access to lessons that appeal to their individual learning preference. Sophia provides this in a platform that is available to anyone, anywhere, free of charge and is made possible by Capella Education Company, which supports improving access to education by using innovation to lower the cost.


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