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South Texas Generator Systems Participates In Conference with T. Boone Pickens Highlighting Reduction of Long Term Fuel Costs

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 13, 2012

T. Boone recently told STGS, “If we don’t capitalize on [it], we’re going to go down in history as the dumbest crowd that ever came to town!”

This conversation was not about sound bites, it was T. Boone’s wisdom and insight … uncensored, uncut and filled with extremely useful revelations about the direction of the industry.

T. Boone’s Timeline for Natural Gas — the last century was built on oil but the next few years the US will make the leap to natural gas first, at $2.35 for natural gas and $110 for oil at today’s prices the US has the cheapest natural gas prices in the world by a wide margin, especially since the price of natural gas has dropped 36% since January 2012.

The Surprising Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing —from a man who’s been doing it for over fifty years … the cost are going up for this process due to only to regulations.

What T. Boone’s military connections are saying about the chaos in the Middle East — and why oil has cost us $7 trillion in the last few years? With Middle East tension driving oil prices higher, everyone is looking at alternative energy sources.

Americans are using less oil and gasoline all the time; prices at the pump are still going up. That’s because there is competition with China and Mexico for every gallon of gasoline.

America has a cheap fuel solution right here at home in natural gas and with the current prices; the gallon-equivalent is about a dollar.

America’s municipalities and truckers are already shifting gears to run their buses and big rigs on cheap compressed natural gas (CNG). For big companies, the math is simple: Using natural gas will cut their fuel costs by more than $20,000 for a truck traveling a typical long-haul distance of 100,000 miles a year.

The problem for CNG-powered vehicles so far is that there have been few places to refuel. But that’s changing, too. Clean Energy Fuels, which builds CNG fueling stations for municipal fleets, plans to open 70 public CNG stations by the end of the year and another 80 in 2013. Other companies are stepping forward to build refueling stations, work on new fuel tank technology, and more.

Isaac Newton taught us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is why every downside force in the energy sector creates upside opportunities elsewhere. It takes an understanding of the entire global energy machine to figure out what areas are benefiting from the changing landscape.

From this perspective, North America’s shale gas revolution truly earns its accolade as a “game changer.” As many people now understand, the boom in natural gas reserves and production in the United States and Canada is changing the way North America will power itself in the future.

Switching to natural gas makes sense. Natural gas generators can produce power more reasonably than ever before. For the industrial, commercial and residential user a natural gas standby power generator can produce the clean energy needed and meet environmental demands.

Natural gas prices are depressed and expected to remain so for the short to medium term, so utilizing the natural gas option for stand-by power or temporary power is makes sense.

Since natural gas generators run cleaner than any other type of fuel, they run smoother, with less wear and tear, quieter and without the heavy odorous exhaust produced other fuels.

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