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The Special Sauce V1.4

900% Increase Special Sauce Edition v1.4: When To Call & When Not To Call Is The Single Question that focused on one question for this study: When should companies call web-generated leads for optimal contact and qualification ratios?

Our agency field’s calls from frantic folks who need quality leads ‘yesterday’ and I often ask about the leads they already have. What I find is often interesting to learn that if the very same leads had been worked using a different system some sales would have almost surely been made. So, maybe it isn’t the leads you have now, but the way that you work them and when. Most know that it takes 1 of x number of leads to make a sale. The more expensive your opportunity, the more leads it will take so your ratio could be as high as 1 lead in 265 to close and get paid on the sale. To make each lead count you need a plan and a system in place to work from today forward.

Today’s Special Sauce is a tip to turn you onto how to increase your contact rates by 900% with the leads you have from the sources you now are running with. My point is that maybe it isn’t the source and / or maybe it is a combination of the source and how your leads are worked. I’m sure you’d be thrilled with how a 100x increase in contact ratios on the value of leads can increase your bottom line. How much effect would a 21x increase in qualification have on the overall sales revenue of a company? BIG is the answer to both!

This is the best piece I’ve read yet related to date detailing Lead Response Management and this study has something for just about any type of sales person out there. Go HERE NOW and be better information and knowledge is power :

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