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Technology is a beautiful thing. But sometimes it is not so easy to comprehend. Springhouse can help.

Technology is a beautiful thing. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s isn’t so easy to comprehend. For individuals and companies, those knowledge gaps can be challenging, but Springhouse, with locations in Exton and Malvern, is determined to get people wired quickly and efficiently. Co-founder Richard Collins chats about user skills, technology investment, and the return of a training demand.

How did Springhouse get started?

During the early years of the desktop computer I was CEO of a large financial company in New York.

In adopting the PC to my financial services company, it was quickly obvious that there was no instructional guide to provide the critical user skills and value propositions required to complete the integration of the PC into the valued productivity and efficiency tool it represented.

My financial staff and I took classes in the use of the PC and found almost no instructional value available. In that disappointment, Springhouse was born.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

It has been proven that if a business purchases technology and invests a reasonable amount in training its staff, then the project will be more successful. Technology is complex, despite what vendors advertise about user-friendly products.

Assisting employees in understanding the technology is the first step in assisting them in becoming aware of how the technology will help them in performing their jobs.

Once this level of knowledge is reached, the company is poised to gain significant benefits from its technology investment, as employees will be able to apply their technical knowledge to either change business process to take advantage of the technology or change the technology to adapt to the business process. In either scenario, positive change takes place and productivity goes up and competitive advantages are gained.

With so many training options available, what makes you unique?

At Springhouse, our mission is to assure that each student has a fully satisfying experience when participating in a Springhouse educational process.

This means that from the moment the student enters the building, their experience is aimed at creating the most positive learning environment possible.

The highly trained staff and instructors at Springhouse continuously receive high compliments on student satisfaction. This commitment to a successful student experience has allowed Springhouse to continue to grow each year and maintain a long-term basis of satisfied clients.

Do you find that with the tech economy coming back that more people are interested in training now than they were in the past couple years?

Our experience has been that even during the recent economic downturn, people remained highly interested in additional training and education. Unfortunately company budgets for training and development were cut.

I believe what we are seeing now, is the release of significant pent-up demand. This plus new and significant advances in technology suggests that demand will continue to be strong for the next several years.

What kind of reaction do you get from students about your materials?

The selection of curriculum is a very important part of the satisfaction experience for students.

Springhouse uses a combination of professionally developed materials from national publication companies and Springhouse-created solutions. Our class evaluations consistently rate our material highly satisfactory. Perhaps the favorite parts of the classes are the labs and hands-on experiences guided by our experienced instructors.

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