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Steroid Sources Makes It Possible To Buy Steroids Online Safely

November 30, 2009 – There’s no point in dancing around the fact that steroids are an extremely powerful substance that can wreak significant damage on the human body if misused.  Unfortunately, there has tended to be a subversive culture around steroid use, whether because of the sometimes murky legal status of these substances or a tendency for society to look down on steroid users. The net result has been a grey world where products of varying quality and purity are bought and sold furtively, with the purchaser having no real idea of whether they just bought an anabolic steroid or a bottle of placebo. Up until now, the Internet had not made things any more straightforward; instead of having to rely on local dealers to supply them, people who chose to use steroids suddenly had hundreds of online sellers to choose from, many based in foreign countries and not subject to FDA regulations, US law, or US safety regulations. Buying steroids online made it easier than ever to obtain these controlled substances, but introduced an even greater element of danger to the health of an uninformed user. With sellers frequently based offshore and able to run their business as they please without impunity, there was also a much greater opportunity for fraud, whether it be through credit card abuse or the selling of substandard products.

The market has proved it needs a resource like Steroid Sources. An impartial web site that tracks any and all information related to the use of steroids, evens the playing field for potential buyers. The site monitors and updates any steroid-related news items, including stories that involve performance enhancing drug use in professional sports and the Olympics. The educational material compiled by its researchers includes articles written on the merits and downfalls of anabolic steroid and human growth hormone use, tips for successful steroid use, medical applications for steroids, popular books that deal with steroid use and even a large collection of video clips related to steroid use (including comedy clips). The site hosts a blog dealing with the subject and a series of forums where members post comments, questions and their own experiences in using a steroid or other performance enhancing drug. There is advice directed at safely buying steroids online. Most importantly of all, leads a growing movement among steroid resource web sites in openly disclosing the legal complications involved in buying steroids, publishing information that openly states what can go wrong should someone abuse steroids and it strongly advocates that anyone considering the use of steroids should only do so only under the supervision of their physician.

This represents an open approach to the use of these products that has been lacking for many years.

About The Author: Frances Jackson is a physiotherapist whose work frequently involves helping people who have abused steroids, as well as administering the drugs to athletes and others as part of medical treatment for injuries suffered through sports, auto accidents and other misadventures. Frances is based out of a sports injury clinic at a prominent university and spends much of her free time conducting research and lecturing varsity athletes on the dangers of using any anabolic steroid without proper medical supervision.

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