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STMicroelectronics to Showcase its Latest Solutions for Power-Supply Systems at Techno-Frontier 2011

TOKYO July 19, 2011

These solutions, which combine ST’s latest technologies and system know-how, make possible both high-efficiency power conversion and power supplies, while also contributing to an energy-saving society, in which limited resources will be used more efficiently. Various demonstrations, development boards and products will be available at ST’s booth.

Main solutions to be highlighted at the ST booth

Solar battery solutions

  • In solar-power applications, ST will demonstrate the SPV1020, a DC-DC converter IC embedded with an algorithm of maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The SPV1020 is an IC with both power optimization and power conversion functions, which can individually set the MPPT of the solar power cell, to maximize the power output from each cell. ST will also demonstrate the SPV1001 cool bypass switch, which integrates low loss MOSFETs and precision controllers to allow each solar battery cell to deliver more electricity, effectively equipping the SPV1001 with the same capabilities as bypass diodes. In addition, ST will introduce solutions for micro inverters, in which the output and power from each cell is optimized and maximized.

  • In mobile-equipment battery chargers, ST will demonstrate the SPV1040, a battery charger IC for mobile equipment that is equipped with a solar battery panel. Unlike conventional products that control power generated by multiple solar battery cells, the SPV1040 (which can boost power from one solar battery cell) is a highly significant product; it is equipped with MPPT functionality to optimize the output of solar battery panels, in order to secure the maximum amount of power generation. In hosting the demo of the SPV1040, mobile phones will be charged by using a battery charger that is equipped with a solar battery panel.

Secondary battery solutions

  • In portable battery-charger applications, ST will demonstrate the STBC21, which gives total control of lithium-ion battery charging, if installed in portable electrical-equipment battery chargers or in the equipment itself. The STBC21 achieves higher efficiency in battery chargers, and has excellent battery protection and precise control of charging time, indication, current, and voltage. At the booth, ST will also showcase portable charger solutions for easy use of chargers away from home. These solutions will be demonstrated by using the STBC21 demo kit in combination with a remaining battery level detection IC, a USB detection IC and a solar battery cell.

  • ST will also demonstrate the STC3100, an IC for detecting the remaining lithium-ion battery level. The STC3100, which is installed in portable devices such as smart phones, tablet terminals, and digital cameras, detects and calculates the current level of the battery to display the remaining battery level of the electronic equipment.

Smart-grid solutions

  • In power-line communications, ST will showcase solutions for home smart meters that are indispensable for building the smart grid. The booth will offer a demonstration of smart meters that support an automated meter reading and charging system via power line communication (PLC). This demonstration will utilize an evaluation board with an ST7580 PLC system on chip (SoC), STPM series power measurement IC, and STM32 ARM® Cortex-M3™ core-based 32-bit microcomputer. ST will also introduce a highly integrated solution for a data collection system (concentrator) which collects information from each power meter.

While at the booth, visitors will also be able to learn about the dSPIN™ (digital SPIN), a SoC for motor control integrating all digital control, analog measurement, and power electronics circuits that are required for high performance motors and new solutions for high-efficiency LED lighting.

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