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Stop Smoke Stock Uses Bitcoin to Help Smokers Quit

San Diego, CA, May 04, 2018 –(– Stop Smoke Stock is an application for smokers searching for a powerful yet convenient method for quitting. It is free to download at the Google Play Store.

The main focus of the app is centered on short-term goals coupled with the financial upsides of quitting smoking. Users will be asked how much they smoke on average as well as how much money it costs them. Then, they will receive virtual money into theirs app’s account which will be equivalent to three years worth of smoking. At which point they will be able to trade with real-world market data like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The creators argue that the consequences of smoking have a really small effect on long-term behavior. The threat of smoking-related diseases is often perceived to be something in the far away and distant future. A fact which then leads to the absence of emotional involvement during the process of quitting smoking. Without emotional involvement, the entire process ends up being a burden that falls strictly onto the rational part of the brain.

Stop Smoke Stock allows its users to access the money which would be saved from quitting. This brings quitting even closer to a reality for users, which in turn is a huge motivational boost. Creating positive emotions and sudden rewards into the process, making quitting much more attainable in the long-run.

This powerful new free application allows users the convenience of keeping track of the amount of time that has elapsed since they quit as well as the amount of money they’ve saved and how many cigarettes they’ve avoided. The app also tracks improvements in its user’s health and offers a calendar to keep track of the number of cigarettes they have smoked since becoming a user. Stop Smoke Stock contains micro articles explaining how the body recovers after stopping smoking, as well as how much damage could have been done if users had kept smoking. Also, by staying away from cigarettes and by making smart investments users can unlock achievements.

Stop Smoke Stock is an absolutely free application helping defeating the debilitating and problematic struggles which prevent so many people from quitting smoking. The application is free to download from the Google Play Store on any Android device.

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