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Storage Switzerland Reports That Gridstore is Uniquely Positioned to Meet the Demands of VMware and Hyper-V Backup Requirements

Storage Switzerland highlights how companies like Gridstore have addressed VM backup demands with software defined storage. The Grid virtualizes the entire storage stack to scale I/O capacity and performance at a reasonable cost.

The Storage Switzerland paper identifies the following as the five key dilemmas of VM backup solved by the Gridstore solution:

1. Properly sizing a disk backup infrastructure to support VM data protection
2. The need for random I/O backup performance
3. High performance restoration requirements
4. High reliability to assure zero data loss
5. The need for a cost effective storage platform that can meet backup needs almost as well as primary storage

“Gridstore’s architecture, avoids the expensive problems of scale out storage systems by leveraging the parallel compute of the connecting backup servers,” said Crump in the paper. “Through its vControllers, it leverages the compute power while at the same time, moves the controller processing to the source – where it can optimize for the random I/O. This combination still allows for very acceptable performance without the cost of server class systems.”

The Grid is a unique architecture that delivers unprecedented scalability, fault-tolerance, high performance and resource efficiencies that can’t be matched by other solutions available to the mid-size enterprise market.

“Today’s mid market enterprises are just beginning their virtualization journey. Ensuring that their VM backup environment is powerful, scalable and affordable is critical,” said Kelly Murphy, CEO of Gridstore. “The Storage Switzerland paper highlights how The Grid can uniquely solve these key challenges while supporting even the most rigorous backup and data protection demands from your virtualization environment.”

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News: @storageswiss reports that @gridstore is uniquely positioned to meet VM-specific backup demands

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