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Strategic Comparative Analysis of European and North American Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market

•This section compares trends in North America and Europe. It also explains the 4 new trends that are changing the dynamics of the industry in both regions.

FMS Type
•In the changing face of traditional telematics, this section compares various type of solutions and their demand in North America and Europe. This section also lists vendors offering various solutions.

Key Features
•This factor compares various feature sets offered across the light commercial vehicle (LCV), medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M/HCV), and trailer segments and their importance across both regions.

Market Potential
•This segment elaborates the adoption of telematics based on vehicle segment and regions.
•The segment also discusses lucrative regions and the needs of underpenetrated small fleets.

Key Regulations
•Since key regulations across the globe are enabling telematics adoption, this segment lists the key regulations in both the regions.
•The segment also shows an opportunity timeline with regards to these regulations.

Key Findings

As the market matures, fleet managers will look for hybrid solutions with customized features.

Consolidation’s trend will continue and is expected to see changes by 2015 in both the regions. Venture capitalists will assist consolidation and promote innovations at a faster pace.

FMS Type
Vehicle manufacturers increase their presence in the telematics market in Europe by introducing standard fit telematics boxes in commercial vehicles (CVs). In North America vehicle manufacturers are partnering with aftermarket vendors to offer and develop solutions.

Features in vehicle management, driver behavior, and order management are likely to see increased opportunities as fleet managers look for higher return on investments and better fuel cost management.

The European market is highly fragmented in all Xsegments, whereas the North American trailers segment is highly concentrated by Xmajor vendors—I.D. Systems, Skybitz, Qualcomm, and Star Trak.

Regulatory mandates across both regions are paving the way for telematics. Value chain participants will also focus on product development and promote products that are regulation complaint. Impact of electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) and compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA) 2010 is high in the North American medium- and heavy- duty segment. eCall will have a high impact in the light CVs in Europe.

Key Findings and Future Outlook

Smartphone solutions and OEMs increase their presence in both regions to gain higher market share.

Market Status
•The North American and European regions are in the growth phase for all segments of CV. The telematics penetration for both the markets in 2012 are:
-North America at X%
-Europe at X%
•The regions are paced to grow at a CAGR of X% and X% in North America and Europe respectively by 2020.

•The European market is fragmented compared to the market in North America.
•The market concentration by the topX participants is the highest in the trailers segment because there are not many market participants in this segment.
•Aftermarket vendors in the M/HCV segment increase their presence in LCV and Trailers segment.
•The value chain is likely to get complex with component suppliers in Europe and non-automotive participants in North America entering the value chain.

•Smartphone solutions are gaining prominence in the telematics industry in both the regions, as aftermarket vendors introduce smart phone applications for fleet managers.
•OEMs in Europe have been active is offering telematics as a standard in CVs, especially in the M/HCV segment.
•Independent smart phone solutions and blended solutions will be prominent in the near future.
•OEM telematics continue to grow in the coming years in both the regions.

•Currently there is seamless connectivity with cellular and standard/optional satellite coverage.
•Multi-modal communication platforms (Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite).
•As OEMs open access to vehicles, services like prognostics will have a huge impact in the market.

Research Scope

Base Year

Study Period
2012 to 2020

Forecast Period
2013 to 2020

Vehicle Type
LCV, MCV, HCV and Trailers

Geographical Scope
North America and Europe

Research Aims and Objectives

The aim of this study is to analyse and compare the North American and European CV telematics market to understand emerging trends and services, and forecast the growth and performance of these two regions.

•Provide a strategic overview of the North American and European CV Telematics Market. Includes key services, trends, and their impact in the regions.
•Compare market size and forecasts of the CV Telematics market in North America and Europe by vehicle type.
•Compare vehicle type market size to ascertain the most impacted vehicle segment.
•Analyse competitor vendor dynamics based on the vehicle segment they cater.
•Develop an actionable set of recommendations for CV Telematics market participants to enter and grow the market.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

•What are the dynamics of the CV Telematics market in North America and Europe?
•What are the performance measures across both regions in different vehicle segments?
•What are the regulatory mandates across both the regions and the opportunities emerging from these mandates?
•What are the exiting opportunities for various participants in the market across both the regions?
•What opportunities are available for OEMs in the CV Telematics market?

Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
•Key Findings
•Key Findings and Future Outlook
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background and Methodology
3. Definitions and Segmentation
4. Trends
5. Fleet Management Solutions (FMS)
6. Feature Set
7. Market Potential
8. Regulatory Trends
9. OEM Telematics
10. Conclusions and Future Outlook—CV Telematics Market
11. Appendix

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Strategic Comparative Analysis of European and North American Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market

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