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Study Breaks College Media Presents Easy and Innovative Social Media Strategies for Housing Communities to Utilize to Gain and Keep College Residents to Boost Profits

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

The world of social media is ever evolving and changing. It seems as if every day there is a new app or website that is supposed to make people's jobs easier and keep them connected with the world. However, this can make the life of student housing companies that serve college students that much more difficult. How can the target market be reached if there are more than 100 different social media websites out there for them to use? It's not as simple as just handing out a flyer–but the reach can be incredible!

Below are 5 easy tips that will help make marketing strategies that much more successful.

1. Twitter Hashtags

One can use Twitter hashtags to do several things for their community. Some readers may be asking… "What's a hashtag?" Hashtags are Twitter's way of organizing posts and tracking what people are talking about. Say, for instance, a user is talking about the upcoming University of Texas football game.They can tag their post with #UTFootball. Now like-minded people can find the user and connect. The same idea can be used for topics the market may be looking at such as the university's name or mascot. For instance, one can search for #UT16 to find anyone talking about the incoming freshman class at UT. From there it's possible to follow any or all of them and then blast a message to the masses! It's a great way to get specials out and it couldn't be easier.

2. Facebook Fan Page

If a business doesn't already have a Facebook fan page, they should get one! College students spend countless hours on Facebook, and not surprisingly this is where they share their likes and dislikes. On their fan page housing communities should do regular postings of their new specials, upcoming events, and pictures of all the fun that current non-residents are missing by not living at the community. The fan page also grants access to see the stats of posts, followers and virality. This will help gauge what's working on the page and what isn't.


Most large cities have a page for their market. Now although Craigslist is generally known for buying and selling old VHS tapes and garage sale novelties, one can make quite the impact on the housing market too. On top of it being a free service, Craigslist helps reach a niche market. When posting, one can categorize their ad in the market that most fits their needs (ie. rooms and shares/apartments for rent). Craigslist allows users to create their own advertisement and it allows them to post up to four pictures- a key component to a successful ad. One should keep in mind that it helps to use key words in the title and post, such as: apartment, rent, cheap, near (insert university name), 4-bedroom/4-bathroom, etc. One should think about what they would search for to find the post, and then include those keywords into the post itself. If one struggles with creative postings, there are other free sites like Postlets that will create professional Craigslist posts for free.

4. and Google Reviews

There's nothing that can hurt or help a reputation more than the reviews posted by previous tenants. Websites like and Google Reviews are going to be the beginning of the college housing hunt for many parents and students new to a market. Unless marketing a brand new property, the property more than likely already has a review posted on one of these sites. It's important to check them regularly to see what people are saying. If one is not seeing the ratings they want, they should talk to current residents that are happy and have them post their reviews on these sites to help boost ratings and bring about a good reputation. Most people who view these reviews won't look past the first five or six reviews, so if the first five or six reviews are positive, then there's more likely to be traffic on the site and in the office.

5. Post Relevant Material Regularly

Regardless of which websites are used for social media, one should post relevant material and do it regularly. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of updates per minute, so if one is looking to make an impact, they must post content throughout the day. Same thing goes for Craigslist. In some markets such as San Antonio, there will be thousands of postings for available apartments before noon, which makes the odds of one post being seen very slim. It's a good idea to pick two or three times to post different ads to increase the odds of being seen byfuture customers. However, posting 10 ads/posts that no one is interested in will be no more valuable than one of those same posts. It's a good strategy to find out what matters to the customer and talk about it! If location of their future home is important to them, one should talk about it!

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

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