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A local company can shine up your Apple.

Although Macintosh computers are famously easy to set up, usually going from plug to play in a matter of minutes, sometimes dealing with network requirements, or attempting to fix an ailing computer, can prolong the process. If you’re trying to run a Mac-based company, the situation is even more complex.

To ease the installation and repair blues, Macintosh consulting firm systeMacs has developed boxIT, a solution that company president Ken Easterby hopes will catch on with professionals.

What is boxIT?

BoxIT allows our clients to repair any software problem on any Macintosh or deploy a new Macintosh computer in less than an hour.

Once we configure a Macintosh computer from scratch, and it is perfect, we take that computer and make an image of it. We can then deploy that image to another computer in less than an hour and it looks exactly like the first computer we took the image of.

We take into account software serial numbers and force businesses to be completely above board, which application manufacturers love us for.

Why should companies use boxIT?

Businesses should take notice because boxIT fixes problems and can deploy a Macintosh computer faster than anything else out there. Time is money, and if we can do something faster and cheaper and better than anyone else, well, you get the picture.

Our current clients are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over their last year’s IT budget. That means more money for their raise.

On your site, you note that the vast majority of companies using Macintosh systems have inexperienced IT staff. What makes you say that?

Macintosh professionals haven’t been required by Apple to be certified in their skill, and those professionals have been content to work in a limited number of vertical markets with limited experience in the third party applications that businesses rely on. In addition, the hiring of an IT person is based on what kind of computers they have to support and how many of them. If a company has 100 computers and 10 of them are Macs, they hire a person whose skill matches the bulk of the computer base.

SysteMacs has learned early on that the enterprise client wants a one-stop shop for their Macintosh needs.

Is that what made you found the company?

Yes. We found that the enterprise market sorely needed Macintosh professionals to provide the solutions that their business demanded. Quite frankly, there was no one else out there interested in enterprise Macintosh consulting.

We thought, if we get in on the ground floor, we can raise the bar in professionalism at the enterprise level, and be perceived as the first and best source for Macintosh consulting.

Macintosh is often regarded as a consumer tool rather than a business tool. Do you think Apple’s efforts to enter the enterprise market will affect systeMacs?

Apple’s efforts will directly affect systeMacs. That is why we are aligned with Apple’s professional services. Apple sees systeMacs as a company that has had success in the enterprise market where they have not.

Apple has specifically come to us to ask for our advice. We feel that the combination of Apple’s stature and systeMacs methodology packs a one-two punch that the enterprise cannot deny.

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