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Global DC Power Systems Market Bounces Back from the Downturn Following the Growth of End-User Industries – Frost & Sullivan

The market rides the coattails of the thriving telecom sector
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ? August 11, 2011 ? On the back of the success of the telecom market, the world market for DC power systems has wrested back the market demand lost during 2009. The soaring popularity of 3G, long-term evolution (LTE) and 4G networks has given the market a much needed tail wind and allowed it to shake off the effects of the downturn.

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ip.access contributes to femtocell plugfest success

Cambridge, 30 March 2010 – ip.access, the leading developer of femtocell and picocell solutions, today welcomed the success of the world’s first femtocell plugfest organised by the Femto Forum in cooperation with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The company confirmed that it fully and successfully participated in the plugfest, and is committed to the development and commercial deployment of 3GPP’s Iuh standard which lies at the heart of future femtocell interoperability.
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ip.access announces 3G Femtocell Developer Kit

Cambridge, 4 February 2010 – ip.access, the leading developer of femtocell and picocell solutions, today announced the availability of a 3G Femtocell Developer Kit. The kit enables system integrators to build specialist applications using ip.access’ multi-award winning Oyster 3G femtocell technology. [Read More...]

InfoCom Says 3G User’s Base Growing at Last

( According to InfoCom latest release, the number of 3G users in Japan, South Korea, the US and the top-5 Western European countries nearly doubled as of 2Q09 to approximately 303m. Among the countries evaluated, Japan and the US had the highest number of 3G users in 2Q09 with roughly 102m and 67m respectively. On the other hand, Italy led the top-5 Western European countries with over 30m 3G users in 2Q09 while France had the lowest number with 15.7m. [Read More...]

3G Router Challenges ADSL

( Induo have in 2009 found that use of the company's range of 3G routers broadened. From being mostly used for industrial communication between machines, more and more industries have seen the 3G networks, rapid expansion as a starting point for moving from fixed cable connections to routers for 3G. [Read More...]

A Fusion of Features: Cases for iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS

As an avid iPhone™ user, you exemplify the definition of cutting-edge, but the cool façade will quickly fade with a scratched or dented iPhone.

Introducing two new case lines from OtterBox for the Apple® iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS: the Commuter™ and Commuter™ TL Series. Fusing rugged elements from the Defender™ Series line and sleek characteristics from the Impact™ Series, the Commuter and Commuter TL offer the best of both worlds.

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Millions Still Unprotected: Safeguard Your iPhone 3G & 3GS with OtterBox

With increased memory, video recording capabilities, voice control, a compass and other clever features, it’s no surprise that the new Apple® iPhone™ 3GS has sold over one million units. So don’t leave your new device vulnerable; safeguard your investment with OtterBox Defender and Impact Series™ cases, compatible with both iPhone 3G and 3GS models. [Read More...]
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