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Active Beaconing RFID Tag for on-Metal Applications

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( offer this 2.45GHz active beaconing RFID tag. This RFID tag offers long-range tracking of up to 30 meters and is a tamper-proof solution in which the tag will send an alarm if it is dislodged. It is specially designed for asset tracking, warehouse and inventory management.
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Highly Accurate UHF Active RFID Tag

Using progressive UHF radio frequency technology, the tag conveys data at distances of up to 100 feet to a handheld device or up to 300 feet to a fixed interrogator. This optimized RFID tag features low power consumption, long communication range and a high data transmission rate. [Read More...]

Ultra High Frequency Active RFID Tag

GAO RIFD Inc. ( has released its Ultra High Frequency (UHF) active RFID tag, which is intended to identify and perform micro-localization of items or persons. This optimized tag is deployed for applications such as security, manufacturing, asset and vehicle management. The active RFID tag reader can uniquely identify up to 100 tags simultaneously at distance up to 100m. It is compact in size, light in weight and consumes little power. [Read More...]
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