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ADSL2+ Tester Features Real-Time Display Rate and Flux

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( recommends this portable and multi-functional ADSL 2+ tester supporting tests on ADSL 2+ (G.992.5), ADSL 2 (G.992.3) and RE-ADSL (Annex L) lines. It is also downward compatible with ADSL (G.DMT, G.Lite, T1.43) line standards. The portable tester is designed for ADSL technicians and engineers for field use and is an ideal solution for the installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems. It operates as an ADSL Modem and conducts Bridge, PPPoE, PPPoA, MER, IPoA regulation to perform ISP simulation login and verify operational performance of the terminal equipment. The tester can also be used as a digital multi-meter to test subscriber telephone connectivity and line parameters.
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Full-Featured and Multi-Functional ADSL 2+ Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( has announced the release of its multi-functional ADSL 2+ tester which is suitable for tier-1 ADSL applications. It functions as a digital multi-meter to test subscriber telephone connectivity and line parameters. This powerful tester offers such test functions as upstream and downstream rate measurements, error counts, digital multi meter (DMM) test functions, modem simulation, and ping and trace testing. Its compact size, rugged design, simple operation and powerful functions make the tester an ideal solution for ADSL technicians and engineers.
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3G Router Challenges ADSL

( Induo have in 2009 found that use of the company's range of 3G routers broadened. From being mostly used for industrial communication between machines, more and more industries have seen the 3G networks, rapid expansion as a starting point for moving from fixed cable connections to routers for 3G. [Read More...]
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