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ADSL2+ Tester

Handheld ADSL2+ Tester

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm ( recommends its handheld ADSL2+ tester which is particularly applicable acceptance testing and maintenance of ADSL equipment. The tester has a large memory capacity which can simultaneously store 100 groups of test results and seven pre-defined test settings for quick set up.
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Rugged ADSL2+ Tester Covers a Broad Range of Applications

Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( offers its rugged and economical ADSL2+ tester  which is ideally suited for ILECs, CLECs and sub-contractors who are responsible for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of ADSL1, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ circuits. It complies with current ADSL standards such as ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT), ITU-T G.992.2 (G.Lite), ANSI TI.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.3 (ADSL2), RE-ADSL2 and ITU-T G.992.5 (ADSL2+).
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Portable and Multifunctional ADSL2+ Tester

This tester supports communication with PCs via an RS232 interface, so that test results can be saved, analyzed and printed conveniently. This handheld ADSL2+ tester is commonly used as a digital multi-meter (DMM) to test subscriber telephone connectivity and line parameters. [Read More...]
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