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Guide to Social Media

Social media has become a significant part of personal and professional life. Full fledged blogging platforms as also the micro blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are used by businesses for marketing and advertising. With multifarious options in the social media world, it may sometimes become difficult for businesses to choose suitable strategies for successful marketing and advertising. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the different aspects of social media for businesses and presents a guide to social networking etiquette and tactics.

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October 03, 2011: There is a problem with Google. Just try researching “how to build a bird house,” and you will see that the websites you get are all trying to sell you e-books. In other words, these are all commercial ventures. You will rarely get a DIY guide that you want. Try this with any other keyword, and you will arrive at the same conclusion. If you are trying to book cheap airline tickets, all you will get are websites trying to sell you tickets. There is hardly any information that tells you about what you should do. This has become a major problem for the people who are browsing the Internet for information. Until now! A new information portal,, is about to change the rules of the game.
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Sosyalan Launches Philippines Social Networking Site

Philippines, PR Newswire, October 12, 2010: Social networking is getting more popular than ever. The number of users on Facebook and Twitter are ever increasing. People love to find old lost friends, and communicate with new acquaintances who share similar interests. It has become the rage among teenagers and grownups alike. [Read More...]

Will a Blog Help Your Sales?

One of the newer trends in business is having a blog for your online store. But will having a blog really help your businessYou obviously are already familiar with blogs on the internet, but have you ever considered including a blog as part of your business' website?  One of the newer trends in business is having a blog for your online store.  But will having a blog really help your business?

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10 Tips to Better Business Blogging

It helps to think about the growth of a blog as exponential. Well, not all of them end up like that. But especially if your company is not a popular brand, your blog will grow somewhat slowly in the first few months or even a year.

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