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Botox Cosmetic – A Popular Cosmetic Procedure

According to yearly statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, BOTOX Cosmetic continues to be the most common non surgical cosmetic procedure.  So you’re not alone if you’ve been considering this highly effective beauty treatment.
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Laser Hair Removal for Women

Unwanted hair has been a cause of worry and concern for most women for centuries. All kinds of procedures have been tried by women around the world to get rid of unsightly hair. Most of these offer temporary relief and the hair grows back within no time. Whether an existing condition or as a result of hormonal changes, women do not like to let the fuzzy growth or a few strands remain. It becomes more traumatic when the growth is in prominent areas like the upper lip as compared to the rest of the body.
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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Massachusetts

Reconstructive techniques can be used to correct congenital imperfections or acquired conditions that occur due to age, trauma, disease, tumors, and infection. Some examples of reconstructive plastic surgery are breast reconstruction, treatment of skin cancers, ear surgery, repair of cleft palate and cleft lip, scar revision and breast reduction.
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