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CATV Cable Fault Locator with TDR Technology

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( )has released its CATV cable fault locator used to test cables to discover impedance break points and locate and reveal cable damages and terminal impedance failures in HFC systems. This locator is able to automatically locate and indicate the distance to many kinds of RF cable faults such as short circuits, open circuits or high resistance points. It belongs to GAO's CATV Meter & Instruments family of products.
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Communication Cable Fault Tester

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends its communication cable fault tester which integrates the functions of OTDR, ohmmeter, megohmmeter and automatic bridge into a single instrument. This tester accurately locate faults including core wire breaks, misconnection, water absorption and poor installation for acceptance and maintenance of lines and inspection of cable electrical characteristics.
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JTAG Download Cable Fully Compatible with Xilinx Platform USB Cables

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( has released a USB JTAG download cable compatible with Xilinx Platform USB cable. It is designed for download debugging of Xilinx devices and CPLD/FPCA chips and is ideal for use with TI DSP emulators and debuggers. The cable supports JTAG and slave serial download modes and is compliant with CE, USB-IF and FCC standards. It automatically senses and adjusts to the target I/O voltage.
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Upgraded FCPU-X USB JTAG Download Cable

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( recommends its FCPU-X USB JTAG download cable designed for download debugging of Xilinx devices and CPLD/FPCA chips; it is especially ideal for TI DSP emulators and debuggers. The download cable is fully compatible with Xilinx Platform USB cables and supports JTAG and Slave Serial download modes. [Read More...]

Are you prepared for the transition to digital television?

The transition to digital television is coming up on June 12th. If you are not ready for the switch, now is the time to make your plans to get a converter box. After June 12th, unless you have a converter box, you will not be able to watch broadcast television on your analog television set. Buying and installing a converter box is simple, and the government is providing discount coupons for consumers to lower the cost.

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