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Compact Universal Programmer Handles 2800+ Devices

Toronto, Canada - GAO Embedded ( has added a universal programmer, offering a 48-pin ZIF socket with universal drivers, to its product collection. This universal programmer automatically identifies the manufacturer and type of EPROM, as well as, identifies TTL/CMOS logic IC device insertion. The programmer conducts poor pin contact check.
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Compact Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has announced the availability of its compact single fiber fusion splicer specifically designed for single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF), non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DSF), and erbium-doped fiber (EDF). The single fiber fusion splicer detects the fiber end-face and adjusts parameters automatically. It features a short splicing time of eight seconds, and an impressive tube heating time (sleeve shrinking time) of 40 seconds. [Read More...]

Compact Gen2 Passive Tag Ideal for Returnable Transit Items

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( offers this compact 865 to 928MHz Gen2 passive RFID tag which is ideal for returnable transit items such as pallets, bins and totes in warehouse management applications. It is also especially suitable for IT asset warehouse tracking as the sleek form factor of the passive tag fit well in the [Read More...]

Compact and Easy-to-Operate PCM Channel Analyzer

GAO Tek Inc. ( has released itscompact PCM channel analyzer featuring flexible control modes and convenient Windows’ style GUI. This portable PCM channel analyzer incorporatesan analog signal generator/receiver, a selective level meter, a BER tester, a signaling generator/receiver, a ring generator/identifier, a dialer, a DC loop circuit (ICT, OGT), a balanced bridge and a Reflecting Bridge into a single instrument. [Read More...]
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